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Note: Book form manuscripts (including Medieval & Renaissance era) are not included in this list.  All ornithological manuscripts are listed under "O".

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Trinity College's Watkinson Library houses many collections of manuscripts, dating roughly from the beginning of the 17th century to the present. Most are American, with the greatest concentration in the 19th century, the period of the Watkinson Library's founding. Major collections, for example, are the papers of writer Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900), educator Henry Barnard (1811-1900), Hartford musician Nathan H. Allen (1848-1925), and the Watkinson family (1757-1873). The emphasis is on cultural history, with manuscripts complementing the Library's rich printed holdings in Americana.

The unit of measurement is the flat legal size manuscript box. If a collection has been put in accessible order, it is described as "arranged." 


Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. 1 box.
American photographer.
Miscellaneous collection. Five signed photographs (original prints), two greeting cards, and one prospectus for a book by Adams. Arranged and cataloged.

Albee, Edward, 1928- . 5 boxes.
American playwright.
Interview in typescript given at The Dorothy Gordon Youth Forum, WNBC-TV Public Affairs Department, 1966 (Reprinted in Conversations with Edward Albee ed. by Phillip C. Kolin. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1988, p. 67-79). Typed script for Malcolm used for production in theater, 1966, New York City. Signed copy of typescript of The Sandbox, an early play written in 1959 and first performed in 1960, New York City. Also ephemera including advertisements, catalogs, programs and playbills--and periodicals containing material by and about Albee. Arranged and cataloged.

Alinsky, Saul David, 1909-1972. 1 box.
American sociologist.
Miscellaneous writings, essays, notes and memoranda of Alinsky (14 items), 2 letters to Alinsky regarding one of his manuscripts and his work for the Archdiocesan Conservation Council in Chicago, 17 letters from Alinsky to his second wife (Jean Graham), 16 condolence notes and cards to his second wife following his death. (n.d. - 1965). Arranged and inventoried.
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Allen, Nathan H., 1848-1925. 42 boxes, 13 scrapbooks, 1 notebook.
Hartford musician and composer.
8 boxes of manuscript music, including about 80 of his musical compositions, among them the full score of his choral work, The Apotheosis of St. Dorothy , for solo tenor and chorus. Also the manuscript text (unpublished) of Music in a New England State 1630-1900 . Personal papers and notes including ca. 350 letters (1878-1925), diaries, excerpts of biographies of famous historical figures, and financial documents; ephemera and newspaper clippings relating to musical performances and to Allen personally, photographs, and 13 scrapbooks (1870-1925) of newspaper clippings and ephemera, mostly relating to musical topics and including numerous concert programs. Arranged and cataloged.

American Indian.  7 boxes.
Composite collection.
Mainly linguistic studies of various tribes and religious writings in a variety of Indian languages. Includes the original manuscript of the Dictionary of the Algonquian Illinois Language (ca. 1700), which has been attributed to Jacques Gravier, and a partial transcription (A-C) by James Hammond Trumbull; also a photostat copy of Vocabulario Trilingue de México by Fray Sahagún. Almost all arranged and cataloged.

American Notables. 1 box.
Composite collection.
Includes American Writers Collection. Mainly consists of individual letters but also contains miscellaneous papers and documents. 19th and 20th century writers and notables including William R. Denham, John Dos Passos, William H. Gillette [Click Here for Gillette Inventory], Nikki Giovanni [Click here for details], Horace Greeley, Ferde Grofé, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Washington Irving, Edwin Wilson Morse, Eugene O'Neill, James Whitcomb Riley, Aurelia Gay Mace, Winfield Townley Scott, and John Steinbeck. Arranged and cataloged.

Ashendene Press. 1 box.
English private press.
Correspondence between C.H. St. John Hornby and A.C. Hickmott pertaining to the latter's collecting of Ashendene Press books. Also ephemera including announcements, book lists, individual poems, prospectuses, and a type specimen. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Allerton C. Hickmott.

Automobile Travel
Composite collection

5 records of automobile trips throughout the United States during the 1920s and 1930s:

1. [Anonymous.] [Automobile Tour Scrapbook] 13-19 November 1933. Scrapbook with typescript. 36 p., 28 x 23.5 cm.
2. Bascom, Doris (Mrs. William O.) "My first trip to California…" [with second, third and fourth trips to California]. Newton, NJ, 1933- 1940. Scrapbook with manuscript entries. 90 p., 30 x 41 cm.
3. Dodge, F. Waldo. "Seeing New England on Four Wheels." Melrose, MA, 1929. manuscript scrapbook with photographs (55 l.)
4. Ehresman, Elsa. "Trip through Berkshires and White Mountains." 15-29 July 1922. Scrapbook with typescript, daily travel journal, postcards and other illustrations (clippings), brochures for YWCA camps, tourism brochures (accomodations and sites). (25 leaves; includes 10 p. [8.5" x 5.5"] text.)
5. Staubach, Charles P. [Automobile photograph album.] 1925-1928. album with manuscript entries.
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Bannerman, David Armitage, 1866-1954See Ornithology Collection, Part I.

Barber, Ben. 35 boxes.
American Journalist
Writings, notebooks, correspondence and photographs document Barber’s work as an international journalist from the late 1970’s to 2014; materials are included from Trinity, as are the notebooks of poetry he wrote after graduation (1962-1979); also included are materials from the United States Agency for International Development, where Barber was a senior writer and editorial director of Frontlines (2002-2010).
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Barnard, Henry, 1811-1900. 44 boxes, 2 portfolios.
American educator and Watkinson Library Trustee.
Papers (1832-1900) dealing with his life and career in education. Diaries and journals; correspondence; manuscripts of Barnard's writings--articles and speeches along with research notes; account books, bills etc.; certificates and legal documents; photographs; printed articles both by and on Barnard; student copybooks; and material relating to the Hartford schools, St. Johns College (Annapolis, Maryland), and the University of Wisconsin. Arranged and cataloged.

Bartlett Family. 3 boxes, 1 portfolio.
Papers, 1839-1824.
Correspondence (1839-52) between Henry Bartlett, David Bartlett, and others; genealogical notes made by Mary (Bartlett) Macdonald covering the years 1620 to 1924; letters to Mrs. Macdonald concerning genealogy; and letters (1895-1912) to Duncan Black Macdonald from Horace Howard Furness. Not processed.

Bird, William, Trinity College, Class of 1912, 1889-1963. 1 box.
American expatriate publisher and newspaper correspondent.
Tape of talk by Bird at Trinity College, June 1962. Newspaper articles by Bird as New York Times correspondent on the S. S. Chantier polar expedition and as the New York Sun's Paris correspondent during World War II. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and ephemera relating to Bird and his Three Mountains Press (Paris, 1923 1928). Arranged.

Blake, William, 1757-1827. 3 boxes.
English poet.
Contains 2 manuscript letters from Blake; documents on his 1804 trial; correspondence regarding Blake by Thomas Carlyle, and between Seymour Kirkup and Algernon Charles Swinburne regarding Blake; correspondence and other papers of Allan R. Brown relating to the donation of his Blake collection to Trinity. Photostatic copies of manuscripts. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Allan R. Brown.

Brinley, Katherine Gordon, 1878-1966. 16 boxes.
American performer.
Papers relating to Mrs. Brinley's Chaucer recitations,1919-1954. Notes, correspondence, programs, publicity materials and newspaper clippings in loosely chronological order, 1919-1957. Also audio recordings, photographs, ephemera, and manuscript writings and notes on Chaucer and Chaucer programs, grouped separately. Arranged and inventoried.
Gift of Mrs. Albert Loder, Jr.
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British Notables. 4 boxes.
Composite collection.
Letters and literary manuscripts (1628-1983) by authors, artists, statesmen, and others, including George Borrow, Robert Browning, Roy Campbell, William Cobbett, Walter De la Mare, Sir Edward Dering, Andrew Lang, Richard Le Gallienne, A.L. Rowse, and William Makepeace Thackeray. Arranged and cataloged.

British Theater. 4 boxes.
Correspondence, 1823-1878.
Letters to and from British actors, actresses, theater managers, writers and others. Includes John Billington, John Cooper, Edward Fitzball, Fanny Kemble, and Benjamin Webster. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Kenneth Walter Cameron.

Bulkeley, Gershom, 1635-1713. 2 boxes.
Connecticut physician.
Seven book-form manuscripts: account book (1702-1713) and 6 medical notebooks (ca. 1692-1705) . Also manuscript fragment of a medical log by Bulkeley, early 18th century. Arranged.

Calligraphy. 1 box.
Composite collection.
Comprised of items relating to the art of calligraphy. Includes manuscript and printed examples along with calligraphy journals, exhibition catalogs, and books. Not processed.
See also Anthony Gardner Collection.

China. History. See Jerome P. Webster Collection.

Clark, John N., 1831-1903. See Ornithology Collection, Part I.

Clark Family. 5 boxes.
Papers, 1820-1876.
Correspondence (1820-1860) among the brothers Ezra Clark, Jr., Hartford manufacturer, Spencer Morton Clark, New York manufacturer, and George Hunt Clark, Hartford poet, businessman, and Trustee of the Watkinson Library, concerning business and family; journal (1855) by S. Morton Clark concerning a voyage to Europe; papers and correspondence (1853-1876) relating to the Granby Copper Mine, including letters (1876) from Benjamin Silliman; and poetry by George Hunt Clark. Arranged.
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Cole, Thomas, 1801-1848. 1 box.
American painter.
Nineteen letters to Daniel Wadsworth July 6, 1826-July 13, 1832 (most written during 1826 -1828). Published in The Correspondence of Thomas Cole and Daniel Wadsworth , edited by J. Bard McNulty (Hartford: Connecticut Historical Society, 1983). Arranged.
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Collamore, Henry Bacon, 1894-1975. 4 boxes.
Book collector and Watkinson Library Trustee.
Collection has two major components. The first concerns the publication of the catalogue, Edwin Arlington Robinson , 1869-1935: A Collection of His Works from the Library of Bacon Collamore (Hartford, 1936) and preparation of an E.A. Robinson exhibition at Wesleyan University's Olin Library, February 1936. The second part of the collection comprises letters from Collamore to John William Pye, E.A. Robinson collector and donor of the collection. Processed and inventoried.
Gift of John William Pye, Trinity College, Class of 1970.
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Columbiad Club. 4 boxes.
Connecticut typophilic club.
Minutes of the Columbiad Club, 1935-1972 and 1984-present, along with ephemera, pitysakes, and keepsakes in broadside form. Duplicates of some ephemera. Arranged and cataloged.
In large measure, the gift of Lewis Finch.

Cookbooks. 1 box.
Composite collection.
Thirteen 19th-century American manuscript cookbooks. Arranged.

Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878. 2 boxes.
English illlustrator and caricaturist.
Collection of 82 letters. One ALS from Cruikshank, dated 1842, and 81 ALS dated 1830-1875, from various authors, artists, and publishers to Cruikshank relating to his illustrations for Richard Bentley's "Miscellany," "Popular Tales," "Tower of London," etc. Some of the letters bear Cruikshank's autograph draft replies and pen and pencil sketches. Sketch of George IV, signed and dated 1820; pen and ink drawing for cover of A Comic Alphabet, 1837. Arranged and inventoried, with a list of correspondents.
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Cummings Family. 2 boxes.
Papers, 1797-1861.
Joseph Cummings (1784-1860), of Ware, Massachusetts, was an active community leader who held a wide variety of local and state positions: deacon, postmaster, justice of the peace, bank director, school teacher, and town representative to the state Senate and House.
The Cummings family papers include miscellaneous legal and financial documents and correspondence to and from patriarch Joseph Cummings and other members of his family. Principal correspondents are: a) Joseph Cummings; b) his son, William B., a manufacturer in Brooklyn, New York; c) his son, Elbridge, in Beloit, Wisconsin; d) his son-in-law, James Yale, M.D., in Ware; e) his son-in-law, Nicholas Harris, a school teacher in Hartford in the 1840s and 1850s and a published author of textbooks. Arranged and inventoried.
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Diaries. 6 boxes.
Composite collection.
Twenty-three diaries and journals of 12 persons; 18 diaries from the 19th century, 5 from the early 20th century. Includes 6 diaries and journals by women, 4 by men and 13 juvenile diaries (11 schoolboy, 2 schoolgirl). Arranged and cataloged.

1. Anonymous. 1857. Album, by female inmate of McLean Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts.
2. Anonymous. 1813. Diary kept by religious man or minister.
3. Barton, Dana W. 1880-1881. Chronicles a year's work in the life of a young Yankee farmer in Croydon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. Click Here for Extended Description
4. Burling, Elizabeth S. 1875-1878. Diary of a Vassar graduate describing her travels in Europe and a visit to southern Illinois.
5."Confessions of a fool." 1870-1871. Boston.
6. Fry, Ethelinda Deering. 1908-1910. Two diaries of a schoolgirl from Saco, York County, Maine.
7. Mason, George William.
1869, 1873, 1874, 1876. Four diaries of a farm boy, born in 1859, from Broadbrook, Connecticut and later of Agawam, Massachusetts. Click Here for Extended Description
8. Moorhouse, Helen Isabel, b. 1876. 1907. Two diaries of a young woman musician from Massachusetts who, with three other women musicians, spent a summer at The Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, where the four were the quartet in residence.
9. Moulthrop, George E. 1880-1887. Seven diaries of a schoolboy from Bristol, Connecticut, ages 9 through 17.
10. Norton, Milo Leon. 1907. "Book of Days." Poems.
11. Parkinson (?), Miss. 1897. Diary of a woman from Boston (?), Massachusetts, recording daily activities, etc., some financial records.
12. Reed, Nellie Francis. 1876-1883. Journal of a woman from Boston, Massachusetts, with references to friends, activities, health, family relationships.

Drake Family Genealogy, 1633-1934.
2 boxes.
Mainly transcripts (typewritten) and photocopies (positive). Copies of records and documents concerning the Drake Family genealogy, together with a few letters, collected 1919-1934 by Frank Butler Gay as trustee of the Drake fund, established for genealogical research on the Drake family. Arranged.

Frost, Robert, 1874-1963.
46 boxes, 1 portfolio.
American poet.
Manuscript letters from Frost (1913-1937); manuscript poems, many with texts varying from printed versions; proofs; sets of Frost Christmas cards with printed poems (1934-1962); extensive group of periodicals, many with first appearances of Frost's poems; ephemera; audio recordings including talk by Frost at Trinity College in October 1962; extensive series of newspaper clippings. Arranged, inventoried, and cataloged. See also Marian G. M. Clarke, The Robert Frost Collection in the Watkinson Library (Hartford, Conn.: Watkinson Library, Trinity College, 1974).
Gift of H. Bacon Collamore and Charles R. Green.
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Gage, Gladys L., 1908-1991. 2 boxes, 1 portfolio.
Hartford teacher.
Papers relating to her experiences as an exchange teacher at the Washington School, Seattle, Washington, 1941-1942. Includes correspondence with her parents;
material relating to her Japanese-American students (letters, notebooks, photos, ephemera) who were interned in May 1942 and from whom she received letters written during their internment. Arranged.
Gift of Gladys L. Gage.
See also World War, 1939-1945.

Gardner, Anthony, 1887-1973. 1 box.
English bookbinder and calligrapher.
Correspondence with Elizabeth Van der Hoek. 74 letters covering the years 1956-1961, 1963-1973. Written in a calligraphic hand with colored inks and some drawings. Arranged and cataloged.
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Gay, Frank Butler, 1856-1934. 4 boxes.
Second Watkinson Librarian (1891-1934).
Papers, 1884-1934. Includes his business and personal correspondence together with biographical notes. Not processed.

Goodwin Family. 2 boxes.
Letters, 1814-69.
Correspondence (1814-1820) from Capt. John Ripley Madison to Major Thomas A. DeBlois, from the U.S. Frigates Congress , Guerriere , and Prometheus and the U.S. Schooner Lynx , including a letter mentioning the slave trade; together with correspondence (1857-1869) from Col. David P. Hancock to his brother, written from the Indian Territory; and 6 Civil War letters concerning the possibility of war with England. Arranged, inventoried, and cataloged.
Gift of Genevieve Hancock Harlow Goodwin.
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Graff, George E. 4 boxes.
Officer in the War Relocation Authority.
Papers, mimeographed and printed, of the War Relocation Authority of World War II and the period following, in which Graff served as an officer. Includes memos (1942-1945), U.S. Department of the Interior publications, photographs of relocated Japanese-Americans, and other materials relating to the WRA. Arranged.
Gift of George E. Graff.
See also World War, 1939-1945.

Halpérine-Kaminsky, Ély, 1858-1936. ca. 44 boxes.
Russian-born French author and translator.
Literary papers and correspondence of Russian emigré writer and translator, Ély Halpérine-Kaminsky. There are two collections, one predominantly French, the other Russian.
I. Most of the collection is in French with some materials in Russian. Includes manuscripts of Halpérine-Kaminsky's writings, page proofs, and final printed versions, ranging from book-length works to periodical articles; in addition to literary subjects, topics include political and scientific themes and biographical sketches. Contains translations into French of works by almost 30 Russian authors, the largest percentage by Leon Tolstoy. Includes original (?) manuscripts of Turgenev. Arranged and inventoried. ca. 40 boxes.
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II. Most of this portion of the collection is in Russian. Includes manuscript essays by Halpérine-Kaminsky and other authors, manuscript letters written by Halpérine Kaminsky, manuscript letters to Halpérine-Kaminsky, and letters not to Halpérine Kaminsky, including copies (?) of letters from and to Tolstoy. In addition, there are printed materials: pages from books and published articles and galley proofs of articles by Halpérine Kaminsky (n.d.-1931). Arranged and inventoried. 4 boxes.
Gift of Richard A. Harrison, '57.
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Hancock, Col. David P. See Goodwin Family Collection.

Handy, W. C. (William Christopher), 1873-1958.  1 box.


Collection of miscellaneous materials, in particular with reference to the "St. Louis Blues" and the origin of the the Blues in Memphis, Tennesssee.

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See also Niles, Edward Abbe.

Hartford Residents, 1802-1947. 5 boxes.
Composite collection.
Correspondence (1873-1914) between C.H. Clark, W.D. Howells, and Samuel Clemens; letters (1927-1947) to Henrietta Gardiner, 3 of which are from Laura E. Richards; letters (1890-1904) from Frederick Penfield, written while serving as consul in Egypt; letters (1807-1840) from Daniel Wadsworth to Benjamin Silliman; letters (1857) from Thomas H. Gallaudet concerning work with the deaf; letters (1886-1887) from H. Carrington Bolton to Charles K. Wead, concerning a chemistry periodical list; 3 letters of Harriet Beecher Stowe (1843?, 1875, 1883); letter (Barbados, 1802) from Mrs. Bunce to Anne Bunce, lamenting the loss of a female friend who left 2 sons behind; typed copy of Homer Worthington Brainard's unpublished work, Thomas Hooker, His Life and Writings (Hartford, c. 1914) with miscellaneous papers related to Hooker; Italian art and history scrapbooks of Genevieve Hancock Harlow Goodwin. In part, photocopies (negative) and transcriptions (typewritten). Arranged and cataloged. 

Hayes, Grom, 1910-1990. 4 boxes.
Former Watkinson Library cataloger.
Papers concerning his experiences as a soldier during World War II. Includes correspondence; ephemera; scrapbook pages including sketches and cartoons by Hayes; binder relating to his duties in the Army Air Force Training Detachment, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Oklahoma. Not processed.
Gift of Grom Hayes.
See also World War, 1939-1945.

Holocaust Collection (Dachau)
Robert, Albert E., Letters
Germany, March - July 1945
8 letters from Albert E. Robert, U.S. Army First Lieutenant, to his wife, Minna Robert. Robert was stationed with the 898th in Dachau, Germany, to assist with expediting the release of former prisoners and the disposition of the camp. Robert writes about his experiences and feelings, his reactions to what he sees. In addition to his descriptions of the prisoners and camps, he writes of the death of President Roosevelt, friction between the Americans and the French, a multiple wedding at a Polish camp, and the effects of the war in general. 8 ALS, 23 pages, 4 inserts; 7 envelopes.
See also World War, 1939-1945.

Hunter, Dard, 1883-1966. 2 boxes.
Papermaker and printer.
Contains correspondence (1924-1944: 9 letters by Hunter, most written to Charles R. Green), prospectuses for Hunter's books, and journal and news articles on Hunter along with miscellaneous items relating to Hunter's work. Arranged and inventoried.
Gift of Charles R. Green.
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Illinois-French DictionarySee American Indian collection, under Gravier, Jacques.

Indians of North AmericaSee American Indian collection.

Juvenalia. 1 box.
Napier, Charles R.
School compositions, 1861-1864.
Collection of 32 manuscript compositions, 1861-1864, written by Charles F. Napier of New York City. At the time, Charles was a schoolboy, about ten years old, and he based many of his compositions on his own activities. Composition titles include: "A Day's Pleasure," "How I Spent My Vacation," "New York City," "Nut Gathering," and "Newspapers." A list of composition titles is located with the collection.
See also Diaries (Fry, Ethelinda Deering; Mason, George William; Moulthrop, George E.)

Also see the juvenile MS. periodicals (The Casket, The Dew Drop, Home News, The Sunbeam, and The Lookout) in the Barnard Collection, box 25, folders 6-8. 

Kaskaskia Illinois-to-French Dictionary.  See American Indian collection under Jacques Gravier. 

 Knollenberg, Bernhard, 1892-1973. 1 box.
Yale Librarian and Watkinson Library Trustee.
Letters to Franklin Bartlett (1869-1906) from prominent persons, including William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, and Alfred Tennyson; American papers (1871-1920) including letters from William Howard Taft and Oliver Wendell Holmes; and letters (1781-1912) from English political figures including James Bryce, George Canning, William Gladstone, and Lord John Russell. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Bernhard Knollenberg, 1967.

Lawrence, William R., 1829-1856. 3 boxes.
Collector and artist.
Papers, mainly letters, of 19th century notables gathered by Lawrence as an autograph collection. Contains file of letters to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carter Hall from British notables. Many items tipped into individual folders, some with comment (by Lawrence?). Arranged and cataloged.

Lesson, René Primevère, 1794-1849. See Ornithology Collection, Part I.

Limited Editions Club. 1 box.
Book club.
Ephemera, 1929-1982, accompanying a large collection of Limited Edition Club books donated by Watkinson Library Trustee John M. K. Davis. Includes catalogs, monthly newsletters, prospectuses, membership information. Also letter from John M.K. Davis regarding Limited Editions Club while it was in Avon, Connecticut; typescript accounts of Limited Editions Club by Gordon Carroll, David M. Glixon, and Pamela Petro. Arranged and inventoried.
Gift of John M. K. Davis.
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Lippincott (J. B.) Company, Philadelphia. 1 box.
American publisher.
Correspondence (1860-1896) from ca. 50 American and British authors concerning Lippincott's publication of their work, including Charles Francis Adams, James T. Fields, Thomas Hardy, Reverdy Johnson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Bayard Taylor. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Genevieve Hancock Harlow Goodwin (Mrs. James Lippincott Goodwin), 1965.

McCook, John James, 1843-1927.
4 boxes.
Professor of modern languages, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.
Papers, 1892-1902. Articles on venality, filled-in forms relating to McCook's investigations as to the causes of poverty, and periodicals and newspaper clippings with articles by McCook. Also included, a small collection of autographed letters purchased by McCook. Most of the letters are from 19th century literary figures. Arranged and cataloged.

Maritime History. 8 boxes.
Composite collection.
18th and 19th century ship's logs and personal journals of the 19th and 20th centuries. Also includes list of ships in Royal Navy, 1798; an Italian signal book; and 10 Public Instruments of Protest entered with William Taylor, U.S. Agent to Haiti; letters written by Preston Cummings, captain of the whaler 'Panama' out of Fall River, Mass., 1842-1845. Arranged and cataloged.
Most the gift of Dr. Jerome P. Webster. 

Maxon, Constance M. 1 box.
Aspiring poet and novelist.
Collection of correspondence (1956-1964) with various individuals, including letters from Conrad Aiken, Elizabeth Bishop, Melville H. Cane, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Langston Hughes, Somerset Maugham and Ogden Nash. Long series of letters from James Edward Ross, convict and author of a successful war novel, The Dead Are Mine . Arranged.
Gift of Kenneth W. Cameron.

Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950. 2 boxes, 1 portfolio.
American poet.
Includes 3 letters, galley proofs, separate printings, periodicals with first appearances and criticism, news clippings, ephemera, photographs, and musical settings of her poems. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of H. Bacon Collamore.

Monday Evening Club. 18 boxes.
Hartford men's literary club.
Papers of the Club, 1869 to the present. Minute books, Club correspondence, membership lists, histories of the Club, and an extensive collection of papers delivered by Club members from 1880 to the present. The Watkinson Library is the official archival repository for the Club's records and will continue to receive materials as they become available. Arranged, inventoried, and cataloged.
Gift of the Monday Evening Club.
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Music. 51 items.
Composite collection.
Includes 51 book-form or individual music manuscripts, among them, a copybook of Joseph Kendal, Jr. with 22 topical song texts (1783), a copybook of Micah Hawkins containing his music (1826), and a manuscript sketch of Richard Strauss's song, "Gefunden". Also a box of uncataloged 19th century manuscript music. Note: Besides the formal music manuscript collection, there are numerous manuscript additions in 18th and early 19th century American tune books including one attributed to William Billings and a bound collection of sheet music that belonged to Micah Hawkins with many manuscript additions. For more information, see Margaret F. Sax's Music in the Watkinson Library , 2nd ed. (Hartford, Connecticut: Watkinson Library, Trinity College, 1986--Watkinson Library Guides, no. 1). Cataloged.
See also Allen, Nathan, Niles, Edward Abbe, and Wilson, Henry.   

Niles, Edward Abbe, Trinity College, Class of 1916, 1894-1963. 10 boxes.
Attorney and jazz critic.
Papers 1920-1960. Correspondence: 23 letters from Niles and 194 to him, including letters from Irving Berlin, Bruce Bliven, George Gershwin, Lillian Gish, and Carl Sandburg. Manuscript essays and notes by Niles; memorabilia, ephemera, newspaper clippings, photocopies of sheet music and a file on the Watkinson Library sheet music collection. Also separate files on W.C. Handy: correspondence (originals and transcriptions), sheet music, photograph album, and memorabilia. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Katherine Waugh Niles.

Natives AmericansSee American Indian collection.

Non-English Manuscripts. 4 boxes.
Composite collection.
Foreign language manuscripts covering a variety of topics, countries and languages--mostly western European, but two from the Middle East. Includes letters by Franz Liszt and Albert Schweitzer; a manuscript Dutch dictionary; galley proofs for Poems of Carlo Betocchi; testimonials relating to performances of scenes from Goethe's Faust , Part I on a 1944 Swiss tour by the Max Fischer troop of actors; notebook (1857) of Herman Friedrich Grimm; manuscript article, "Brot und Luge," by Karl Kraus; 13 manuscript poems and 2 short stories by Jane Pressat; foldout watercolor of a beach scene by Ilse Wild. Arranged and cataloged.

Ogden, Hugh, 1937-2006.
6 boxes.
American poet and educator. Trinity College faculty member.
Literary papers relating to two published books of poems, Looking for History (1991) and Two Roads and This Spring (1993). Manuscript poems and drafts of poems published in the two books are the feature of this collection, which also includes galley proofs and letters from editors and fellow writers. Over 1500 items. Arranged and inventoried.
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Ornithology. 36 boxes.
Composite collection comprising several smaller collections. Arranged and cataloged. 

Allen, Joel Asaph, 1838-1921.
Papers. 1 Letter from J.A. Allen to William C. Braislin (1865- ). Taken from envelope in "Ornithological Monographs" (1869-1908), acknowledging paper on Long Island birds.  Ostrom Enders Collection.

Audubon, John James, 1785-1851.

a. Holography letter signed to his brother-in-law William G. Bakewell, discussing publication of his Ornithological Biography in the United States to assure U.S. copyright.  This letter is referred to in Audubon's letter to his son Victor on 21 February 1831 (see Letters of John James Audubon, 1826-1840. Boston: Club of Odd Volumes, 1930, Vol. I, p. 126).  1 page on 1 leaf.  40.8 x 26.0 cm.  Written in ink. 

Edinburgh, [Scotland].  20 February 1831.  Acc. no. A204.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

b. Holograph letter signed to his friend Edward Harris, discussing his travel plans and an extended discussion of his paper and those of John Bachman on vultures' method of finding food.  4 pages on 2 leaves.  25.4 x 20.3 cm  Written in ink. Charleston, S.C.  21 January 1834.  Acc.no. 210.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

Note on the vulture question: Audubon insisted that vultures found food by sight, while his "enemies" claimed the birds found their meals by smell.  Apparently, neither side made a distinction between the feeding habits of the Black Vulture and of the Turkey Vulture. It turns out both sides were right and wrong. New World vultures generally use sight to locate food, but Turkey Vultures can also locate food by smell.

Baker, John Hopkinson, 1894-1973.
Papers. Correspondence with Ludlow Griscom (1890-1959) regarding the publication of Griscom's The Birds of Dutchess County, New York . 5 letters (1932-1933). 2 letters from E. D. W. Springarn regarding The Birds of Dutchess County, New York , 1934. 3 newspaper articles discussing the publication of The Birds of Dutchess County, New York . Records of bird sightings at Chestnut Ridge written on back of form letter from Baker as Executive Director, National Audubon Society, New York, New York., (ca. 1930) regarding bird study material for children.
Ostrom Enders Collection.

Bannerman, David Armitage, 1866-1954.
Seven small notebooks, 1903-1966, with photographs pasted in; 2 entitled "Birds of Cape Verde Islands," 3 containing notes for the first chapters of his book, The Canary Islands.   Ostrom Enders Fund.

Brandt, Herbert, 1884-1955.
Papers. Typescript, 84 p., "Arizona Bird Studies," early draft of sections of his Arizona and Its Bird Life , 1951. Typescript, 2 p., "Preliminary Specifications for Arizona and its Bird Life." Typescript, 1 p., part of appendix A, p. 641, of Arizona and Its Bird Life . Photostat of drawing for Arizona and Its Bird Life . 5 letters from Herbert Brandt to Arthur Cleveland Bent (1884-1954), 1945-1951.  Ostrom Enders Fund. 

British Ornithology Photography

59 black and white lantern slides of birds, including puffins, titmice, cormorants, and razorbills, c. 1900. Photographer unknown. Ostrom Enders Fund.

Chamberlain, Alice D.

[Bird-watching diary and notebook], 28 July 1891-22 April 1900.

MS. in ink and pencil, notebook half-bound in red sheep over marbled boards (hinges cracked).  194 p.  19.8 cm.  Alice Chamberlain was an amateur naturalist of Summit, New Jersey.  Her bird-watching was in Summit and Princeton, New Jersey, and on vacations in the Adirondacks, Long Island, Bennington, Vermont, Charlottesville, Virginia (Birdland), and other locales.  A201.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

Chapman, Frank M., 1864-1945.
a. Papers, 1931-1944. Correspondence between renowned ornithologist, Frank Michler Chapman and Swarthmore College mammologist, Robert K. Enders (1899-1988).  Most of content focuses on the Barro Colorado field station, where they worked together on Neotropic fauna. Collection consists of 36 letters (holograph and typed) from Chapman and 13 carbons from Enders.  Ostrom Enders Fund.
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b. Holograph letter signed to Charles Scott, written on Bird-Lore stationary when Chapman was Editor and in reply to a letter from Mr. Scott.  Chapman discusses sources relating to his professional biography and his interest in bird study.  4 pages on 2 leaves.  25.1 x 20.0 cm.  Written in ink.  New York, N.Y.  21 March 1903.  A212.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

Clark, John N., 1831-1903.
Papers. Four ornithology notebooks--miscellaneous, bird watching 1884-1890, bird watching and oology 1891-1901, oology collection notebook--and folder of ornithology papers. Also includes 2 household account books and a family genealogy notebook.
Ostrom Enders Fund.

Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908.

Typed letter signed to Roland M. Keith, Clerk of fisheries and Game, House of Representatives [of Massachusetts], Boston, Mass. The ex-President writes in support of "House bill 507 prohibiting spring shooting of migratory birds and water fowls within your state."  1 leaf.  26.4 cm.  Princeton, N.J.  14 March 1908.  Acc. no. A203.

Enders, Ostrom, 1902-1994.
Papers. Bills and correspondence between Enders and book dealers dating from 1965? to 1982?, sorted by dealer, unprocessed.  Ostrom Enders Collection.

F. P. S.

Diary of ornithology. 1863. One notebook, 14 cm.  The Massachusetts author describes birds, their nests, the habitat where the nests are found, and the number and type of eggs. Entries were made from Concord, Mass., Maryland, Delaware, the White House garden in Washington, D.C. and as far south as Hampton, Virginia. Ostrom Enders Fund.


Job, Herbert Keightley, 1864-1933.

Papers, 1879-1911. Notebooks (14), correspondence (ca. 400 items), and lantern slides (326) by minister, lecturer, author, ornithologist, and pioneer wildlife photographer, Herbert K. Job.   Includes letters from A. C. Bent, John Burroughs, Frank Chapman, Elliott Coues, and Louis Agassiz Fuertes.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

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Lesson, René Primevère, 1764-1849.

"Complement de l'histoire naturelle des oiseaux-mouches, Tome IV," comprising an unpublished volume of his research on hummingbirds in transcription by a copyist. Fragment of Lesson's writing on front free endpaper.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

Schaldach, William J., 1896-1982.

Papers, ca. 1937-1976. Correspondence between Schaldach and his publishers (Macmillan, Freshet Press, Crossroads of Sport, Natural History Magazine, etc.), typescripts of some essays, copies of pieces published in various magazines (some under pen names), a few informal and unsigned pencil sketches, reviews and announcements of his books, and some personal correspondence, esp. with automobile artist Peter Helck.  Ostrom Enders Fund.

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Trotter, William Henry, d. 1933.

Letters, photographs, a typed radio address, newspaper clippings, and 8 journals. The journals (1898-1929) describe Trotter's travels in Pennsylvania, detailing the avian life, fauna and geography of the places he visited. Most of Trotter's papers/collections reside in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia. Trotter was made a member of the Academy in 1917. Ostrom Enders Fund.

Trumbull, Gurdon, 1841-1903.

"The 'American Woodcock': Its Twittering, Whistling, and Methods of Feeding," 1889-1891. [Scrapbook]. Includes letters of Edward M. Bunce and Jacob L. Greene.
Ostrom Enders Collection.

Ware, Frederic.
"The Ornithology of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The Land Birds . . . " Cambridge, MA, 1855. Holograph with watercolor illustrations, some of which are copied from Audubon's Birds of America . Ostrom Enders Collection.

Osborn, Robert Chesley, 1904-1994 . 4 boxes.
American illustrator.
Collection of items related to his work as an illustrator. Periodicals, with illustrations by and articles on Osborn. Other works illustrated by Osborn including Navaer booklets (publication of Aviation Training Division, U.S. Navy), cartoons, and book jackets. Correspondence (1961-1962) between Osborn and Marian G.M. Clarke, Curator of the Watkinson Library, regarding an Open House at the Library. Arranged and cataloged.

Parsons, Paul S., 1896-1970. 1 box.
Trinity alumnus (B.A., 1920; M.A., English, 1924) and educator.
Miscellaneous papers, 1918-1934. Parsons interrupted his college career to serve in World War I. After graduation, he held appointments as instructor in English, Trinity College (1921-1925) and then (1925-1931) as Director, Girls' Department, Loomis Institute (later known as the Chaffee School and subsequently merged with Loomis Institute, the merged schools known as the Loomis-Chaffee School) in Windsor, CT. The papers include correspondence, both personal (some letters in French) and business, and poems attributed to Parsons. Correspondents include F. S. Luther and R. B. Ogilby, presidents of Trinity College, and Odell Shepard, professor of English at Trinity College and author. One hundred and thirty five items. Arranged and inventoried.
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Piper, John, 1903-1992. 2 boxes.

British artist.

Miscellaneous published materials:  articles, illustrations, and ephemera by and about Piper.  Arranged and inventoried. Gift of William J. McGill, class of 1957.

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Porter, Fitz-John, 1822-1901. See U.S. Civil War collection.

Prime, William Cowper, 1828-1905. 1 box.
Scrapbook of material relating to pottery and porcelain, including photographs and drawings by Prime for his book Pottery and Porcelain of All Times and Nations (New York: Harper, 1878). Cataloged.

Printing and Publishing History. 3 boxes,1 oversize book.
Composite collection.
Box 1: Miscellaneous manuscript writings--book lists, printers' lists, etc.--relating to printing and publishing history. Included are: account book (1811-1827) of Lemuel Cox, Hartford area papermaker, reused as scrapbook ca. 1873; manuscript typescript, and related correspondence, of Richard J. Wolfe's "America's First Color Plate Book: Jacob Bigelow's American Medical Botany, 1817-1821 . . ." by Bird and Bull Press, 1979. Box 2: Materials relating to Connecticut Printers.  Box 3: Connecticut Valley printing survey forms, covering 1790 to 1819, prepared by J.H. Kaimowitz when working on the exhibition catalog for The Great River: Art and Society of the Connecticut Valley, 1635-1820. Processed.
See also the Ashendene Press, Limited Editions Club, and J.B. Lippincott collections.  

Ray, John 1607?-1705. See Francis Willughby under Original Artwork.

Religion. 2 boxes.
Composite collection.
Includes incomplete manuscript Bible (1846), translated by Julia E. Smith, containing only part of the Old Testament and differing from the printed version, The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated Literally from the Original Tongues (Hartford, Connecticut: American Publishing Co., 1876); bound volume of 30 sermons; 3 transcriptions of letters of John Eliot. Arranged and cataloged.

Resist Collection. 26 archival boxes; 65 flat newspaper boxes
Archives of Resist, the draft resistance support organization begun in 1967, later to become a foundation, from 1967 to 1987. Materials relating to activities of Resist include applications for funding from small organizations of diverse interests throughout the country, with supporting papers; records of Resist, including board meeting minutes, business files, correspondence, newsletter and other publications, Steering Committee minutes (26 boxes). Also, newspapers and other publications of organizations seeking support and others (65 newspaper boxes.) Inventoried.
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A full inventory is accessible through the "Summary" page.

Reynolds, Jon A., 1937-
23 boxes
American Combat Pilot and Military Attaché
Correspondence, photographs, slides, transparencies, journals, brochures, maps, guides, posters, files, newspaper clippings, and military service awards documenting Jon A. Reynolds activities as a pilot, air traffic controller, and prisoner of war during the Vietnam War from 1963-1973; as well as a student at Trinity College, Duke University, and a teacher at the Naval War College (U.S.). The collection further documents Reynolds' roles as an Air Defense Attaché to China (1984-1988), senior military assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force (1988-1989), and finally, as Director of Defense Attaché system until his retirement from the military in 1990 when he became President of Raytheon Company in China until 2003.
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Roberts Brothers Collection, 1870-1904. 3 boxes.

Literary publisher.

Manuscript correspondence, miscellaneous manuscripts, and printed ephemera relating to the Boston literary publishing firm of Roberts Brothers and photographic albums produced and sold by Roberts Brothers.

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Robinson, Edwin Arlington, 1869-1935. 17 boxes, 1 portfolio.
American poet.
Over 90 manuscript letters from Robinson, along with manuscript poems (frequently with alterations and corrections or differing from the published versions) and prose. Includes periodicals with poetry and prose appearances by Robinson and articles about Robinson. Also includes photographs, ephemera and memorabilia. Arranged, inventoried, and cataloged. See [John William Pye], Edwin Arlington Robinson, a Bibliography (Hartford, Connecticut: Watkinson Library, Trinity College, 1969).
Gifts of H. Bacon Collamore and John William Pye.
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Science and Technology. 2 boxes.
Composite collection.
Manuscript writings on various scientific, medical, and technological subjects: notes and newspaper clippings on vaccination, 3 small notebooks on shorthand, and natural history works, including a catalogue of Russian minerals from the Ural and Altai Mountains and an album of watercolors of English Butterflies. Arranged and cataloged.

Scott, Sir Walter, 1771-1832. 9 boxes, 2 framed items (print, photographs).
Scottish author.
Ca. 100 letters by Scott (1795-1831); literary and other manuscripts including business and legal documents; personal correspondence of Anne Scott with William Cowper and letters to C.K. Sharpe from various individuals; collection of Ainslie Mentalembert family papers (18th and 19th centuries) including correspondence, business and legal documents, miscellaneous papers and genealogical table of 1894. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Norton Downs.
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See also the Walter Scott Collection at the Edinburgh University Library.

Sendak, Maurice, 1928-. 2 boxes.
American artist.
Contains ephemera and periodical and newspaper articles regarding his work. 3 manuscript letters from Sendak to Donald Engley regarding Columbiad Club's Beatrix Potter keepsake with a Sendak article. Notes, photocopies, and photostats of newspaper and periodical clippings on Sendak. Ephemera, pen and ink sketch, and correspondence relating to Sendak talk at Trinity, February 1972 and exhibition, August-September 1973. Arranged.

Shepard, Odell, 1884-1964. 120 boxes, 2 scrapbooks.
Connecticut writer, politician, and Trinity College faculty member.
Papers in the primary collection (113 boxes) span Shepard's career as professor, writer, and politician. Voluminous correspondence, with letters from such notables as Walter de la Mare and Sinclair Lewis. Extensive correspondence with Sister Miriam, nun and poet, and Carl Beecher, composer, including Beecher's musical settings of poems by Shepard. Includes manuscript versions of many of Shepard's writings from published book-length works like Holdfast Gaines and Pedlar's Progress (Shepard's Pulitzer Prize biography of Bronson Alcott) and unpublished works to poetry, essays, and reviews. The remainder of the collection comprises a wide range of miscellaneous items relating to areas such as his career in politics as Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut and to his career in teaching as Goodwin Professor of English at Trinity College and as a visiting professor elsewhere. Arranged and inventoried.
To this primary collection have been added 7 boxes of supplementary material. Materials in the supplementary collection concern, chiefly, the research, writing, and publication of Pedlar's Progress . In addition, there are some materials (photographs) related to other publications. Arranged and inventoried.
Gift of Odell Shepard.
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Sibour Family. 22 boxes.
Papers, 1589-1917.
Correspondence, journals, accounts, wills, contracts, and other documents, laissez-passer and passports of the Revolutionary period, military commissions, petitions for restoration of property, an autobiographical manuscript by Mary de Sibour, with notes on Charleston, South Carolina in the Civil War and two volumes (1696-1876) with details of property, kept by various members of the family; together with papers of two related families, de La Selle (1745-70, 1802) and Bèlmes (1746-1794). Persons represented include François de Sibour, Jean Antonin Gabriel de Sibour (French consul in the U.S.), Jean Baptiste Joseph de Sibour (mayor of Monteux), Jean Claude de Sibour, Jean François de Sibour, Jean Joseph François de Sibour (Apostolic Pronotary, prior, and vicar-general of Carpentras), Louis André de Sibour (chancellor of the Cathedral at Carpentras), and Louis Blaise, comte de Sibour. Partially arranged and inventoried.
Gift of Jerome P. Webster, 1956; purchased by him from Myers and Co., London.

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Sigourney, Lydia Howard Huntley, 1791-1865. 2 boxes.
American author.
Papers, 1832-1865. Correspondence; manuscript of Mrs. Sigourney's book, History of Marcus Aurelius (1836); several sheets of poetry, some printed; pictures, daguerreotypes, and clippings. Letters to Mrs. Sigourney from various authors and artists were given by Mrs. Sigourney to William R. Lawrence and form part of the library's William R. Lawrence collection of letters and autographs. Arranged and cataloged.

Smith, John Eugene, 1816-1897. See U.S. Civil War collection.

Spencer, Martha Linsley, 1875-1954. 17 boxes.
Hartford poet and editor.
Papers relating to her poetry and other writings. Many manuscript poems as well as manuscript prose writings; some printed works. Correspondence (including 1 letter from Edna St. Vincent Millay, 3 from Wallace Stevens, and 1 from W.B. Yeats) consists mainly of letters to Spencer regarding poetry submissions to the Hartford Times . Miscellaneous papers, manuscript notes, and ephemera relating to The Poetry Club of Hartford, "The Poet's Corner" column, and Spencer's position as poetry editor of the Hartford Times . Arranged and inventoried.
Gift of her sister, Mrs. Leon Hart, 1957.
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Spender, Stephen, 1909- . 2 boxes.
British poet.
Papers. The bulk of the collection consists of letters from Spender to Mary Elliott between July 1939 and February 1952. Also included are letters to Elliott from Inez Spender (Spender's first wife), Charles Madge, and Kathleen Madge. The correspondence relates mainly to Spender's estrangement and eventual divorce from Inez Spender, although there is mention of conditions in wartime Britain as well. Includes 6 typescript poems of Spender, and 31 typescript poems of Charles Madge. Arranged and inventoried.
A supplement to this collection consists of letters (Jan. 1996 through April 1996) to and from David Elliott, son of Mary Elliott and donor of the collection, regarding his recollections of life as a young child in Patterdale, England. The David Elliott correspondence illumines relationships among the persons represented in the Spender collection, providing a helpful context. Arranged.
Gift of David Elliott, TC '57.
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Spitteler, Carl, 1845-1932. 2 boxes.
Swiss poet and Nobel Prize winner (1919).
Items accompanying a collection of Spitteler first editions donated by Dr. Paul Leser. Two letters and 2 photographs of Spitteler, and letters, articles and notes regarding Spitteler written to or by Dr. Leser. Partially arranged.
Gift of Dr. Paul Leser.

Stanley, Sydney, 1805-1878. 5 boxes.
Clerk of Connecticut Legislature, Hartford, Connecticut.
Papers 1671-1866. In part, transcripts (typewritten). Diaries (1858-1866); five letters (1847-1861); account books (1851-1858, 1876-78); and documents, records, and deeds (1671-1850). Arranged and inventoried.
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Stevens, Wallace, 1879-1955. 9 boxes.
American poet.
Papers relating to Stevens' work as a poet and to his collection of paintings and prints. Correspondence--9 carbons of letters from Stevens to James Guthrie of the Pear Tree Press with Guthrie's originals--and newspaper clippings, periodicals and ephemera concerning his poetry. Also, grave rubbing. Processed.
See also Spencer, Martha Linsley. 

Thrall Family. 2 boxes.
Papers, 1765-1859.
Papers of a farming family of Granby, Connecticut, and New Harmony, Indiana. Includes correspondence between relatives in New Harmony and the Walter Thrall family in Granby, Connecticut, providing insights into pioneer life in Indiana; business papers (1765-1859) of John, Luke, and Walter Thrall concerning land purchases in Connecticut, and military papers (1830s) relating to the Connecticut 17th Infantry. Processed and cataloged.

Trumbull, Gurdon, 1841-1903. See Ornithology Collection.

Trumbull, James Hammond, 1821-1897. 26 boxes, 1 portfolio.
Philologist, historian, bibliographer, and first Watkinson Librarian.
Papers, 1863-1895. Includes correspondence; historical writings and notes on colonial New England, Connecticut and Stonington, CT; Indian language studies (not all Trumbull's) including comparative philology, place names, transcriptions of texts, and word lists; miscellaneous manuscripts, including natural history, and printed materials including 8 scrapbooks. Manuscript pen and ink map of Stonington in 1776 (made in 1857). Arranged, cataloged, and inventoried.
Gift of James Hammond Trumbull.
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U.S. Civil War Collection, 1860-1889.
6 boxes.
Composite collection created from various holdings.
Individual collections:

1. Porter, Fitz-John, 1822-1901. 2 boxes.
Court-martial papers, 1862-1889. In part, transcripts (handwritten) used as evidence at the court-martial. Letters and telegrams (1862-1863) from General Fitz-John Porter to J. Howard Foote; letters (1862-1863) from J. Howard Foote to Horace Greeley and General McClellan; copies of letters and orders used as evidence in the court martial; and pamphlets and newspaper clippings concerning the case. Arranged and cataloged.

2. Smith, John Eugene, 1816-1897. 1 box.
U.S. Army Officer.
Papers, 1860-1881. Letters to General Smith, who was with an Illinois regiment during the Civil War and later commander of Fort Phillip Kearney, Dakota Territory, and letters to others, some concerning family affairs, together with military papers, orders, reports, and blank forms, some undated. Arranged and cataloged.

3. Miscellaneous holdings. 3 boxes.
Include 23 letters from Union soldier Edward O. Paull with accounts of battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg (Sept. 1862-Dec. 1865); autograph book (1865-1867) of Lt. Berthold Fernow who was in command of Black troops; telegram book (1863-1864) and 20 letters (1865) of Brig. Gen. Henry Shaw Briggs; journal of war correspondent, J.W. Newcomb, Jr. (Sept.-Dec. 1862); diary of Connecticut soldier, David A. Starr (July 1862-April 1875), and document signed by Abraham Lincoln (July 1863). Arranged and cataloged.

See also the Goodwin Family, Stanley, Sydney, and Wratislaw, Edward V. collections.

U.S. History Pre-Civil War 1660-1857. 2 boxes.
Composite collection created from various holdings.
Concentrated in the Revolutionary War era: minutes of the Norwich, Connecticut Committee on Inspections (1774-1775), with letters from S.H. Parsons and Eliashib Adams; records (1776-1857) of the 30th Regt., Connecticut Militia, including some letters; a diary (1777-1783) of army supplies kept by Capt. Amery Keyes; a letter written from Valley Forge by James McClure to David McClure (Jan. 1778); a letter concerning the Boston Tea Party from Mary Noyes Silliman to Rev. Joseph Fish (Nov. 1774). Important non-Revolutionary War manuscripts include Lion Gardiner's Relation of the Pequot Warres (1660), Hartford County Court Records, April 8, 1718 June 9, 1719, Roger Wolcott's "[Outline history of Connecticut in the form of a] letter, July 12, 1759 to the Rev.Thomas Clap, President of Yale College," and Benjamin Trumbull's A Complete History of Connecticut , vols. I-II and notes, (ca. 1797). Arranged and cataloged.

Vietnamese Refugees at Camp Pendleton, 1975.
2 boxes.
Collection of oral history tapes, photographs, and printed material (fascimiles) gathered by Ronald K. Goodenow, former Professor of Educational History at Trinity College. Oral histories include interviews with war refugees, U.S. Marines, administrators, and volunteers concerned with Vietnamese resettlement, along with slides and photos of the camp and its inhabitants, literature by the Vietnamese within the camp, the Marines, and the relief agencies, and newspaper clippings treating Vietnamese immigration in 1975. Arranged.
Gift of Ronald K. Goodenow.

Ware, Frederic. See Ornithology Collection, Part I.

Warner, Charles Dudley, 1829-1900. 106 boxes, 4 portfolios,1 scrapbook.
American author.
Papers covering his life and writings: correspondence, including letters from Henry Mills Alden, Samuel Bowles III, Anna E. Dickinson, Annie Fields, James T. Fields, Hamlin Garland, Richard Watson Gilder, Daniel Coit Gilman, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, William Dean Howells, Laurence Hutton, Helen Hunt Jackson, Robert Underwood Johnson, Richard Malcolm Johnston, George Parsons Lathrop, Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury, Hamilton Wright Mabie, James R. Osgood, Thomas Nelson Page, William Cowper Prime, George Haven Putman, Whitelow Reid, F.B. Sanborn, Horace Elisha Scudder, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Henry Clay Trumbull, and George Edward Woodberry; manuscript writings: book-length works (including complete or extensive manuscripts of Captain John Smith , The Golden House , In the Levant , Mummies and Moslems , That Fortune , Their Pilgrimage , Washington Irving , and 18 leaves of a preliminary draft of part of Warner's contribution to The Gilded Age ), articles, addresses, notes, poetry and proofs; 20 travel diaries and notebooks (1868-1895); miscellaneous papers and documents, both personal and business; and scrapbooks; photographs and ephemera. Also included, 23 illustrations (original pen and ink sketches) by James Wells Champney ("Champ") for Being a Boy.

Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Mary Barton.

Warner, Susan Lee (Mrs. Charles Dudley), 1838-1921. 2 boxes.
Contains calling book, journal and correspondence, including letters from Bliss Perry and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of Mary Barton.

Watkinson Library. 4 filing cabinets plus 4 ft. of accession books.
Materials relating to the history and activities of the Watkinson Library from its incorporation in 1858 to the present. Includes files on Library Trustees and donors to the library. Arranged and inventoried.

Watkinson Library Archives Classification Scheme

Watkinson Family. 22 boxes.
Papers, 1757-1873.
Mainly comprising the business papers of John Revell Watkinson. Separate boxes for David, John Hubbard, John Revell, Richard, Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr., containing their correspondence and their personal and financial papers. Also a box of papers for other family members (with much relating to Robert and William Watkinson), and 3 file drawers of genealogical material and photographs. Arranged and inventoried on cards.

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Weber, Rev. William. 16 boxes.
Episcopalian minister.
Papers relating to Weber's career as an Episcopalian minister and his interest in contemporary social causes spanning the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Collection includes newspaper clippings and ephemera documenting such issues as the McCarthy era fear of Communism and the Civil Rights unrest of the sixties. Arranged and inventoried.
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Webster, Jerome P, Trinity College, class of 1910, 1888-1974. 3 boxes, 1 scrapbook.
Surgeon, book collector, and Watkinson Library Trustee.
Items on Chinese history collected by Webster. Papers include correspondence and documents: manuscript copies of treaties between China and France, 1885, and China and England, 1842 and 1843; manuscript book of treaties of India, "Draft treaties as drawn and some in handwriting of Lords Mornington, Wellesley, [etc.];" instructions from Prime Minister Henry Dundas to Earl Macartney on his becoming Ambassador to China, September 8, 1792; photograph album of China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion. China related non-Webster material has been added to the collection, including the manuscript of Chester Holcombe's The Real Chinaman (ca. 1890). Arranged.
Gift of Jerome P. Webster, '10. 

Wells, Charles P.  3 boxes
American Merchant and Biblical Scholar Charles P. Wells (1811-1876) was a lifelong resident of Hartford, Connecticut. This collection contains correspondence, business records, and personal effects from his life.
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Wheaton, Nathaniel Sheldon, 1792-1862. 5 boxes

One of the first trustees and second president of Washington College [now Trinity College], 1831-1837.

Student notebooks, journals, including the “Journal of Rev. N.S. Wheaton, D.D., in England, 1823-24” (on which his book A journal of a residence during several months in London was based), correspondence, accounts books, records of expenditures, invoices for books purchased for Washington College in Europe, and miscellaneous items. Arranged and cataloged.

Williams Family. 11 boxes.
Papers, 1721-1908.
Mainly papers of Ezekiel Williams Jr. (1765-1843), postmaster and insurance underwriter of Hartford, Connecticut, including underwriting records for nautical insurance (1790-1804) and correspondence with Noah Webster, Jr., Cornelius Vanderbilt, and William Williams; correspondence of Oliver Ellsworth Williams with Theodore Dwight, Daniel Webster, and others; and correspondence (1760-1908) of various members of the Williams family including letters from Oliver Ellsworth, Chauncey Goodrich, Horace Greeley, Samuel Hopkins, Joshua Pitkin, Charles and Lydia H. Sigourney, and Cornelius Vanderbilt. Arranged, inventoried, and cataloged.
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Wilson, Henry, 1828-1878. 5 boxes.
Hartford composer and musician.
Manuscript music and memorabilia, ca. 1850-1878. Eighty-five pieces of manuscript music, 61 probably unpublished. Mainly church music with a few secular items. Includes a list of his manuscript works. Memorabilia include pictures, memorial services, newspaper clippings. Arranged.

World War, 1914-1918. 5 boxes.
Composite collection.

Boxes 1-3 divided into three parts: I) Correspondence between Lieut. J.N. McClure and Ruth Agnes Kerr, 4 letters, 1918-1919, written when McClure was serving overseas (arranged); 2) Letters written (in French) in 1915 by Belgian children thanking the American people for gifts of food (not processed); 3) ca. 50 letters (1917-19) written by Charles Beckwith to his sisters when Beckwith served as a corporal in the U.S. Army, stationed first at Fort Monroe, Virginia and later sent to France with the American Expeditionary Force (arranged). Box 4 contains 43 letters from John Burkin (of Ohio) to his wife Evelyn from August to December 1918, from Camp McClellan in Anniston, Alabama--mostly regarding camp life and the anxiety of going overseas. Box 5 contains 37 letters between Sergeant Kenneth C. Sharpe and his parents, mostly his mother. The letters are dated from 1917 to 1922 and vary in content from aspects of home life during World War I in America and the military life of Sharpe while overseas and in the U.S.

See also Parsons, Paul S.

World War, 1939-1945.
See Gage, Gladys, Graff, George C., and Hayes, Grom.

Wratislaw, Edward V, 1820-1888? 2 boxes, 1 portfolio.
Hungarian-born Civil War officer.
Papers, 1836-1881. Letters, broadsides, and other papers concerning the Hungarian Revolution; letters, papers, and orders, relating to Wratislaw's Civil War service; and letters, journals, record books, and newspaper clippings relating to Hungary, to America, and to Wratislaw's life before and after emigration to the U.S. Some of the material is in Hungarian. Partially arranged.

Wylie, Elinor, 1885-1928. 1 box.
American poet.
Papers relating to Wylie's life and writing include one manuscript letter by Wylie, periodical articles, newspaper clippings, photographs. Arranged and cataloged.
Gift of H. Bacon Collamore.