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Past Exhibitions

Pulp Art of Science Fiction's Golden Age: Selections from the Loftus Becker Science Fiction Collection
On display in Watkinson Library & Level A 
September - December 2019​
BurgesPoster.png ​​​William Burges Drawings of Trinity College
July 7 - September 1, 2019

Nepantla: Borderlands and Liminal Space

The photography of Terri Warpinski and the poetry of Laura Winter in Liminal Matter: Traces and images and text of Gloria Anzaldúa join to reveal the experience of Nepantla or being in-between.

Curated by Christina Bleyer, PhD,
Director of the Watkinson Library

January 28-June 1, 2019


The Birds of Shakespeare: Paintings by Lavonia Stockelbach

Curated by Sally Dickinson, Associate Curator & Preservation Librarian

August 24-December 21, 2018
Easy Vehicles of Knowledge for an Enlightened and Free People: American Periodicals in the Watkinson, 1750-1950
Curated by Leonard Banco, MD
September 15, 2017-June 15, 2018

Majestic 12: Student Exhibitions
Created for AMST 835/435: Museum & Library Exhibitions
December 14, 2016-June 30, 2017

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Powerhouse of a Library: The Watkinson Celebrates
150 Years of Service

Curated by Richard Ring, Head Curator and Librarian
September 5-December 2, 2016

Pieces of Eight: Student Exhibitions
Created for AMST 835/435: Museum & Library Exhibitions
December 16, 2015-June 30, 2016

Ten Decades of the Tripod: 1904-2004
September 7-November 27, 2015
Curated by Nick Calenda, Student Assistant, and
Henry Arneth, Special Collections Assistant

Six Pack:  Student Exhibitions

Created for AMST 835/435: Museum & Library Exhibitions

December 10, 2014-June 30, 2015

Artists' Books & Prints
September 2 - November 25, 2014​
Curated by Sally Dickinson, Associate Curator

Bound to Maintain Them: Prisoners of War and Humane Captivity in the German Empire, 1916-1917​

Curated by Jillian M. Hinderliter
Raether Center Atrium, September 2-December 31, 2014


Thirteen stories told by Trinity students
from American Studies 835:
Museum & Library Exhibitions
December 11, 2013-June 30, 2014


The World in Miniature:
Europe before the Great War

An historian's journey in postcards, 1911-1915

Raether Center Atrium, Feb. 21-June 30, 2014
Curated by Lisa Lew


Jump & Jive: Music from the 1920's, 30's, and 40's

Featuring the gift of the Bennett "Bud" Rubenstein collection of over 5,000 sound recording.  Curated by Henry Arneth, Special Collections Assistant           

August 26-December 6, 2013

Toe the Line: School Rules in 19th-Century America
School catalogs & reports from the library of
educational reformer Henry Barnard
June 14-August 16, 2013

The Corvo Papers: The OSS in Italy during W.W. II
Curated by Michael Kozek, '13
May 13-June 15, 2013

Hyam Plutzik '32: American Poet
Connecticut and Beyond
In cooperation with the Rush Rhees Library
at the University of Rochester
April-May 2013

Tale of Two Colleges: Bates & Trinity, 1890-1930
Curated by Brent Bette, graduate student in
American Studies 835:
Museum & Library Exhibitions
January-March 2013

Christmas Traditions
 curated by Jenn Brasfield
, graduate student in
American Studies 835:
Museum & Library Exhibitions
January-March 2013

Book of Hours, 15th century

The Book  

Curated by students in the First Year Seminar The Information Age and the Digital Divide
October 23-November 30, 2012

lewis clark
A Bicentennial Snapshop: the World in 1812
Featured selections from the library that bore witness to the events and topics of the day across the globe, all published 200 years ago
fall 2012​
  Drawing Birds

Drawing Birds

Student Sketches Based on Watkinson

Ornithology Books

spring 2012 




Robert Kirschbaum
Shaped by Books: The 42-Letter Name
A Print Folio and Its Sources

winter 2012



catalog drawer with title on label 

an exhibition by students of the American Studies Museum Exhibitions class

in memory of Ann Fitzgerald





Searching the Skies, Searching the Stacks:
Bird Field Guides in the Watkinson


  jubilee game


New Acquisitions
in the Watkinson Reading Room
February-June 2011


mejor perrita illustration 



  coed pic

Coeducation at Trinity College:

A Fortieth Anniversary Exhibition

  map of mexico

Nueva España:

Sources on the History and Culture of Colonial Mexico


tate picture 

Modern American Poets and Their Printers


They Should Stand for Ages: William Burges, Francis Kimball and Trinity's Long Walk Buildings
picture of mamo 


Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang:  Bird Extinctions Around the World since 1600

  photograph of the interior of a church From Aquatint to Photogravure:  Architectural Illustration in the 19th Century
  stormy weather sheet music cover

You're the Top: Illustrated Sheet Music of American Popular Songs from World War I to the 1940's

  picture of Martin Luther Catalysts for Religious Change:
Monuments of Reformation Printing
  picture of artists book by laura davidson

Artists' Books, Comix, and Zines:
An Exhibition of Contemporary Work from the Watkinson Collections

  18th century engraving of festival architecture Staging Dipomacy in 18th Century Rome:
The Festival of the Chinea
An exhibition of prints from the Vincent J. Buonanno Collection
  picture of Origin of species titlepage
From the Pre-Socratics to the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis

An exhibition to celebrate the addition of the millionth volume to the Trinity College Library

  picture of an engraved skeleton Image and Enlightenment:
Illustrated Books from the Age of Reason to the Romantic Era
Student selections in conjunction with Art History 255 “The Sublime, the Picturesque and the Romantic: European art from the 1740’s to the 1840’s,” supported by a Mellon Foundation grant for information literacy.
  picture of abc book
An Exhibition of ABC Books Selected From the John O.C. McCrillis Collection
  picture of British book illustration of fairy
British Fantasy Illustration in the Golden Age
  picture of red flowers
Botanical Illustration in the Nineteenth Century