Printing & Copying

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Most Library computers default to printing to the Copy Room on Level A.  Print jobs can also be sent to the printers outside the Computing Labs on Level B (including a color printer) and the Language Lab on Level 1.  Details on campus printing including costs are available on the Information Technology Services "Printing and Mailing" page.
Visitors may purchase a temporary print/copy card at the VTS station in the Level A lobby. A card costs $1.00.  Value may be added to this card in $1, $5, $10, or $20.00 amounts and may be replenished when value is depleted.  Please follow the directions on the VTS when purchasing cards or adding value.
Any problems with printing equipment or VTS station should be reported to the Information Services Desk on Level A.


Card-operated photocopiers are located on Levels A and C. Photocopying is charged against BantamBucks and is 14 cents per page.  Visitors will need to purchase a print/copy card at the VTS station (see above).

Any problems with public copiers should be reported to the Information Services Desk on Level A.