Spaces and Technology

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The Library provides a variety of spaces and tools to facilitate research and learning in the Library. Please explore the links to the left to find more specific information on these services.

Library Computers

The Library has several computers for student use mostly grouped in the labs on Level B, the 24-hour study area on Level A, and the Periodical Reading Room on Level 1.  You will be prompted for your Trinity network name and password to log-in.  Please log-out when you are done to prevent others from accessing your accounts.

Visitors may use one of two designated computers near the Information Services desk on Level A to access library web-based resources without a password if they are not needed by our students.  Note that visitors may use them for library resources only, and only up to 1 hour.

Video Streaming

Video material can be made available for restricted access via Moodle pages. See Course reserves and Video streaming for information.

Apple TV instructions

Several spaces in the LITC feature Apple TVs. Please review these instructions​  for guidance on connecting to these monitors from your iOS device. 


Please see information on Wired and Wireless Networking ​if you are using your own device.