Research Education


The Research Education Program connects faculty and student researchers with a variety of information sources, guides their implementation of effective research processes, and promotes knowledge creation in a variety of contexts and formats.


Research librarians are active partners in the community of learners at Trinity College, and are committed to assessing and improving our programs to better sustain our role in the learning community. We support student researchers in their understanding, application and enjoyment of research.

At the core of our program is the collaboration with students on the process of their research through individual consultations. This approach reflects our enthusiasm for working with students, commitment to excellence, and excitement to imaginatively engage information in all of its fascinating manifestations.
Our First-Year Librarian Program provides students with core research concepts and skills they will draw upon for their work in all disciplines and levels of study at Trinity. Additionally, course-specific workshops are designed to promote the research practices fundamental to various academic disciplines, unique approaches of individual faculty, and intellectual interests of each student.