Recalls, Holds, and Paging

Hold, recall, and paging request services are available to all registered users and can be submitted via the Library's catalog.  Use the “Request an Item” link when viewing the individual record.


A hold is a reservation placed against an item currently checked-out.  You will be emailed when it is returned and it will be held for pickup at the Library Services Desk. 


Any book that is checked-out for more than 7 days may be recalled by another user.  Once that period has passed, the current borrower is sent a notice requesting that the item be returned by a specific date.  Failure to return the recalled item by its due date will result in the suspension of all borrowing privileges until the item is returned. Once returned, it will be held for the next user for pickup at the Library Services Desk.

Paging Requests 

We also have an open paging service.  Any item, except course reserves and special collections, can be pulled from our collections and held for pickup at the Library Services Desk.  This form is the only way to access STORAGE items.

Items are pulled within 24 hours and you will be emailed when they are ready for pickup.  Anything not picked up within 10 days will be reshelved. 

Normal circulation rules still apply.  Just because something can be paged from the stacks does not necessarily mean you can check it out of the building