Robyn Williams

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Major: Anthropology
Minor: African studies
Highlights: Dean’s Scholar, tennis, squash, field hockey, student worker in sports information office

I have always attended small schools, so finding a small-school college environment was important to me. Most students in Zimbabwe leave the country for college, and they travel to South Africa or Australia. I wanted a new experience, and I knew I would find it in the U.S.

Getting used to life at Trinity wasn’t hard. I was lucky to be a part of the squash team, who treated me like family and helped me assimilate to Trinity’s community.

I chose to major in anthropology, specifically cultural anthropology, because I’m fascinated by how culture motivates people’s actions. My first-year seminar was Robin Sheppard’s Culture, Conflict, and Competition: Sports in Our Society, which was a great course that mixed my academic and athletic interests. It examined how America approaches the culture of sports. As an athlete, I was very interested in learning how this dynamic works.

The connections you make in college are irreplaceable. At Trinity there is so much to be a part of and so many people to meet; I will always carry that with me.