Mackenze Genauer '16

The recipient of the William O. Frawley ’60 Scholarship and a member of the Trinity baseball team, Mackenze Genauer
’16 is equally immersed in academics and other activities about which he is passionate. Last May, as he was trying to line up a summer internship in the financial services field, he thought his chances of receiving an offer from one of his targeted firms looked slim. But after developing backup options for summer employment, the economics and mathematics double major received two attractive offers. With seemingly boundless energy and the sort of work ethic any employer would welcome, Genauer accepted both positions, working four days a week for Morgan Stanley in New York City as a summer analyst and every Friday in Hartford at RBC, job shadowing a vice president/financial adviser.

Game-changing experiences

Genauer spends long hours in the library on his economics assignments but prefers doing math homework in his dorm room. “Math proofs are more creative,” he explains. He has always excelled at math but has discovered many opportunities at college “to step out of my comfort zone–to grow as a person.” Being on the baseball team is a big part of his Trinity experience–and not just the practices and games. For Do It Day, Trinity’s community service day held in September, the entire team did a project at a local community playground. “My best friends all come from the team–they are all humble, great guys.” He also works for Ferris Athletic Center, tracking stats for volleyball and serving as a ball boy for field hockey, in addition to doing other administrative tasks.

Life-changing people

Genauer describes his mathematics adviser, Nancy Wyshinski, associate professor of mathematics, as “extremely helpful, always available to talk.” His economics adviser, Joshua Stillwagon, assistant professor of economics, “is a very smart guy,” he says, adding, “often I stay after class to pick his brain.” And then there is the couple who created his scholarship. Genauer doesn’t know how he could ever express the debt of gratitude he feels toward the Scullys–Marlynn and William P. Scully ’61. He thinks about their sponsorship often and feels inspired that “there are people like them in the world, who would do something like this for someone they’ve never met.”