Design and Programming

The new Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience embodies the liberal arts by bridging the fields of neuroscience and the arts, and incorporating gathering spaces that foster collaboration among all members of the Trinity community. 


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Neuroscience Program

The building will house Trinity's Neuroscience Program, a large interdisciplinary program that currently lacks a dedicated space on campus.   Read more.

Arts Creativity Corridor

Complementing the research and teaching labs of neuroscience, the Arts Creativity Corridor will house a student art gallery and several media production studios, including a digital media studio, a performance studio, and a small film production space.  Over a dozen courses will be taught in the new building, and students from any major who are working on a relevant project will be able to take advantage of the space and its technology.  Read more.


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Common Space For Students

The building's entrance,  a common area, and a student art gallery, will be used for events and serve as  casual meeting areas.  The goal is to create a comfortable, welcoming environment, accessible to students and with seating that can accommodate both socializing and studying with friends. The common area will be another focal point for students, faculty, and staff to interact informally on campus. Read more.

Community Connections

The reach of the Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience goes far beyond the building itself. Trinity's neuroscience and arts programs have historically had broad reaches into Hartford through programming that fosters connections with local communities. Whether through Community Learning Initiative (CLI) courses, or collaborations with neighborhood schools, research partnerships, or internships, the Crescent Center for Arts and Neuroscience will serve as a resource to strengthen our work with our neighborhood partners while continuing to build academic excellence for the campus community.