​Trinity's Constitution Plaza Planning Committee ​began its work in fall 2016 to guide the design process leading to the launch of Trinity's presence at Constitution Plaza.

In summer 2017, the focus was on transforming the 10 Constitution Plaza space, which was previously home to a golf lifestyle cable television network. The planning committee worked closely with​ JCJ Architecture and Enterprise Builders to design space that is easy to modify as different programs take shape. 

The primary components anticipated to be housed at 10 Constitution Plaza are:


The Liberal Arts Action Lab

The mission of the Liberal Arts Action Lab (LAAL)  is to empower Trinity students and their community partners to collaboratively become change agents who identify and solve complex real-world problems by harnessing the skills, knowledge, and creativity of all participants.


A makerspace

Makerspaces combine equipment, community, and education to design, prototype, and create manufactured creative works that wouldn't be possible to produce with the resources available to individuals working alone. Creating a makerspace in Constitution Plaza will support Trinity students, but also contribute to the innovative ecosystem in the heart of Hartford. This is the kind of creative space that our stude​nts need in order to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, the high density of other institutions in downtown Hartford lends itself to joint projects and cross-institutional collaborations in a manner that would not be possible on the Summit Street campus.


Flexible co-working designed spaces 

According to a recent survey of seniors at Trinity and peer colleges, Trinity students are more likely than their peers to work in startups and small businesses after graduation. How can we best prepare our students for this type of environment? By immersing students in a work environment that fosters community and collaboration and nurtures creativity and innovation, students will be better prepared to launch into these exciting environments.


A base for downtown internships

10 Constitution Plaza will serve as a downtown home base for students doing internships in the city. Students will have the opportunity to engage in internship-related seminars and other structured conversations, as well as have space to interact with students from other colleges and universities that are present in the downtown area.