General Information and FAQs

Reunion Headquarters

During the weekend, Reunion Headquarters will be located in the Cave, lower level of Mather Hall. Your Reunion registration packet will be waiting for you along with the final schedule of events, meal tickets, and your on-campus housing assignment if you pre-registered.

Get Social

Excited about Reunion? Share your enthusiasm with other alumni and the college on social media using #TrinReunion


Please be advised that photographs and video will be taken throughout Reunion Weekend for use on Trinity’s website, social media pages, publications, and other forms of media.  By attending this event, you consent to the college photographing or videotaping you and using your image without additional permission from you.

Policy on Alcohol

Members of the college community are reminded that Connecticut State law prohibits the consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. The college will strictly enforce this policy


            Reunion weekend is a great blend of family friendly activities and alumni-only events.  We invite you to register
            your  children to attend most of the Reunion events and meal functions.  We’ll enhance your children’s experience
            with family-friendly activitites on Friday during the Clambake and Saturday during the cookout.

Lost and Found

All found items should be turned in to Reunion Headquarters at the Cave. Lost items can also be reported or retrieved there. When possible, we will mail to your home any items found after your departure. Unfortunately, Trinity College can't be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Important Information for Guests with Special Needs

              Guests with special needs, including but not limited to accessibility, housing requirements, and food allergies,
              should let the college know on their registration form. We will do our best to provide a maximum level of comfort to
              all returning alumni. Please inform us of special needs as far in advance as possible, as such arrangements may
              require time to coordinate. Every reasonable attempt will be made to meet the requests. We will inform you of any
              requests that we are unable to accommodate.  If you require special personal assistance, please make plans to bring a
              care provider with you to campus.

    NOTE: While we will try to accommodate guests with mobility issues, some buildings on campus are not    
    accessible to everyone.  Guests in wheelchairs, those who use electric scooters, crutches, walkers, etc. may
    not be able to comfortably stay in, or visit all buildings on campus.  We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Info

Registration Information

  • How and when can I register for Reunion?

    • Information about how to register for Reunion Weekend 2020 will be available in April.

    • Where do I check-in when I arrive to campus? 

      • The first stop you make on campus should be Reunion Headquarters, located in the Cave at Mather Hall. Your Reunion packet will be waiting for you - it will include your nametag, the final schedule of events, and meal tickets. You may also pickup Reunion merchandise there, too. If you are staying on campus, you will receive your room assignment and keys upon arrival.

    • What are the check-in hours?

      • Reunion Headquarters will be open on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to midnight, Friday at 8:30 a.m. to midnight, and Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Outside of these hours, please review the online schedule or program book for more information.


    • Where can I park on campus?

      • Parking will be available in all campus lots. Click here for a map of campus.
    • How do I get around on campus?

      • Campus Safety shuttles will be available throughout the weekend to transport alumni and their guests to various campus locations.  If you need the wheelchair-accessible shuttle, please call Campus Safety at (860) 297-2222 and alert them to the stop at which you are waiting. 

      • Reunion student workers will be visible around campus in golf carts to help shuttle people, too.

    • Where can I find directions to campus?

      • Click here to see directions to campus. 


    • What is the cost to stay in on-campus housing?

      • Housing costs $100 per adult. Reduced pricing is available for the 5th and 10th Reunion, children, and families of 5 or more. The price includes a dormitory room on Friday and Saturday evening and rental of sheets, pillow cases, pillows, blankets, and bath towels. Additional fees may apply for early arrivals or late reservations.
    • Will sheets and towels be provided in the college rooms?

      • Yes!  In addition to sheets and towels, the reservation includes use of the bed, pillow, pillow case, light blanket, and face cloth, too.
    • Can I be housed with my friends?

      • Please indicate in the housing section of the registration form if you have any special requests. We will make every effort to accommodate any special housing requests and will try to group alumni in locations by class. 
    • Which dorm will I be staying in?

      • You will be staying in one of the dorm buildings on campus with your classmates! With over 400 people staying on campus during Reunion Weekend, is difficult to announce the room assignments in advance, so final room assignments will be provided when you arrive to Reunion Headquarters.
    • Can my children stay with me in on-campus housing?

      • Yes! If you plan to stay in on-campus housing with your children, be sure to indicate that on your registration form. An Alumni Relations representative will follow up with you to make sure your needs are met
    • Can my pet stay with me in on-campus housing?

      • No, pets are not allowed in college housing. Your pets are welcome to join you for the weekend, however if you are staying on campus, you will have to make arrangements for them to sleep elsewhere. 
    • Are the rooms air conditioned? Do they have private bathrooms?

      • Some dorms are air conditioned and others are not, if this is a cause for concern, please contact us directly. The majority of dorm rooms do not have private bathrooms. Please keep in mind that you will be housed in the same dormitories that you remember from your years as students, communal bathrooms and all. 
    • Where can I find out about local hotels?


    • Will the college provide childcare during reunion?

      • Trinity does not provide childcare during reunion. There will be child-centered activities throughout the weekend.
    • Is there wireless internet service on campus? 

      • Yes! Please review the Reunion Program Book when you arrive. Information about accessing the guest network, including user names and passwords, will be provided.
    Please contact the Alumni Office at or 860-297-2400 if you have any further questions or concerns.