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5 Reasons to Attend Reunion 2014!
1. To eat a lobster on the Quad

2. To connect with old friends and make some new ones
3. To participate in engaging conversations on important topics
4. To Dance the night away - "True, this could be a serious challenge.  But the band will be terrific and should inspire it least the tapping of feet at the bar
or a commitment to work out six months before the reunion!" P. Anderson
5. To stay in your old dorm room in Jarvis (They have been renovated!)


They are LOST or we can not get in CONTACT with them!

Gerry Baran, Bill Barnes,  Dick Hallowell,  Bill Hawthorne, Lawrence James, John Moeling,  James Moore, Peter Orr, John Pagnoni, Kenneth Parsons, Robert Peck, Grancis Peckham, Jon Powell,  Alan Wallace

If you have any contact information or are any of these folks please contact Kristen Gordon, Associate Director of 50th Reunion Program at kristen.gordon@trincoll.edu​ or at 860-297-2406.

Classmate profile - Charley Todd

charley todd photo 1.jpg

The two photos tell some of the story of my current life, fifty years after Trinity College. In the first I’m   with my Cambodian family, and in the second, I’m writing this essay at our home at #1 Mekong River Road, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
I become father of a Cambodian son when I was 61. In 2003  Sarin Chhuon (whose birth dad had died when he was ten) and I "adopted one other" at a ceremony in Phnom Penh, officiated by my best friend and former partner, John Burt.
Why Cambodia as a place to reinvent my life after 27 years as a New England school head? I came here in 2000 and fell in love with the country and it's culture. Soon I was helping co-found Cambodian Living Arts  http://www.cambodianlivingarts.org/  and for five years  was co-president of it's board. I’ve been privileged to use skills learned as an educator and school leader in assisting a team of Cambodians to create and advance one of Cambodia's leading arts and culture NGOs. The mission of Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) is to help spark the regeneration and transformation of a nation whose culture was nearly destroyed by the genocide of Pol Pot,c 1975-79.
Fast forward to last spring. In April/May 2013
CLA led its many Cambodian arts partners and the Ministry of Culture in forging a unique consortium with New York City's leading arts, cultural and educational institutions to create Season of Cambodia, http://seasonofcambodia.org/. For two months 34 New York partners presented the largest ever festival of Cambodian arts and culture. Presenters included the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums, MOMA and the Rubin Museum; Lincoln Center and BAM; Columbia, Cornell and NYU; the Asia Society and the New York Public Library.
A particular personal passion for me in assisting CLA’s  worldwide promotion of Cambodia arts and culture is my role in creating a major piece of choral and orchestral music CLA has commissioned - a requiem to the Cambodian genocide. “Pamsukula, a Requiem for Cambodia” https://metropolisensemble.org/loop/2013/03/20/paṃsukula-a-requiem-for-cambodia/   was my conception in 2008, and is now being positioned to premier in New York and Phnom Penh. Composer Sophy Him has written a piece of music that has universal resonance, expressing both grief and hope, in a musical composition that speaks to all monumental crimes against humanity.
In addition to my current work with the CLA Board and to being senior advisor and mentor to our dynamic young executive director, Phloeun Prim. I've just launched a small, for profit, service with revenues to be substantially shared with the arts of Cambodia. The service focuses on hosting discerning and philanthropically inclined visitors who want to experience Cambodian arts and culture behind the scenes.  Our guests stay in unique homes and properties not open to the general public.
From 1964 to 2001 I was in Hartford, at Watkinson School. For 27 of those years I was Head of School. My principal avocation was spending school holidays on a small farm in Tuscany, which I owned with two English friends whom I’d met sailing each summer in the ‘70’s in Greece and Turkey.
In addition to feeling much satisfaction with having  contributed to the successes of Watkinson School and Cambodian Living Arts, I'm proud to have served as founding President of the Board of GLSEN - the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education network.
My passion for helping found GLSEN was fueled by my own experience in school and college as a closeted gay student. My personal memories of school and of Trinity are strongly colored by an overwhelming need to hide a fundamental part of myself.





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