Study Away Students

Foreign Study

Financial aid may be used only for participation in programs approved by the Office of Study Away.  A list of approved programs is available in the Office of Study Away website.

A student must be in good academic standing at Trinity College at the time of application and at the conclusion of the semester just prior to the commencement of the foreign study program in which he or she wishes to participate.

The proposed foreign study program must offer the applicant the opportunity to maintain normal progress toward the bachelor’s degree and to earn the equivalent of at least four transferable credits per semester.

Each student’s financial need will be evaluated on the basis of his or her budget (including round-trip transportation and personal expenses) for the approved foreign study program. Family contribution and need will be calculated using the same procedures as would have been used for the same period of study on campus. If the budget is lower than that for the comparable period of time at Trinity, the amount of financial aid will be reduced. Additional loans may be awarded to replace work-study and to cover the administrative fee charged by Trinity. Trinity Grant cannot be used to cover the administrative fee. Under no circumstances will grant dollars be increased over that which the student would have been awarded for the comparable period of time at Trinity.

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Domestic Study

The use of Trinity-controlled financial aid for domestic study is limited to participation in specific programs.  A list of approved programs is available in the Office of Study Away.