Fees and Packages

Your financial aid is based on the number of new credits you take each semester for federal aid and on half-time enrollment for institutional aid. When completing the IDP Institutional Aid Application, try to anticipate the total number of new credits you will take in both the fall and spring semester (include anticipated study units in your estimate).
You must be registered for at least 2 new credits per semester (the equivalent of half-time status—see chart below) to be eligible for federal loans and institutional funding.
​Less-than-half time ​1-1.75 credits
​Half-time ​2-2.27 credits

Three-quarter time

3-3.75 credits

​Full-time ​4 or more credits

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance

Direct Expenses​ ​
​Tuition [4 credits (2 per semester) @ $3,620 per credit]
​General Fees ​$1,190
​Parking Fee ​$120
​Total direct cost
Indirect Expenses​ ​
​Living expenses ​$13,680
​Transportation ​$600
​Books + supplies
​Personal expenses ​$1,000
​Total indirect costs
​Total Cost of Attendance ​$31,510
Once Trinity has determined your student contribution and your calculated need, we will provide you with financial aid funding from a combination of state, federal, private and/or College sources. The amount and types of aid provided are known as your Financial Aid Package. Typically, your aid package will include a combination of loans, grants and employment opportunities.   
You will be billed for courses at the beginning of each semester. Bills are due in October for the Fall semester and in early February for the Spring semester.  If you expect a refund of financial aid monies after direct expenses, you must complete a refund request in the Office of Student Accounts and Loans.