Enrolling in Courses

All graduate courses can be found on the course schedule page.  You should consult with your academic advisor before registering for courses.

  • Students enrolled in a degree program are expected to take a minimum of 3 credits per calendar year.  These students can register online via their  portal and be billed later.  For all instructions relating to registration, please refer to the Registrar's information page.  
  • Other students must register for courses, using this form.  Course registration will only be processed, and your seat in a course reserved, once this form and payment for tuition has been received​.  
  • Information about Summer Sessions is found here.
  • ​Trinity undergraduates interested in enrolling in a graduate course:  If you are a rising junior or senior with an outstanding academic record, you may enroll in a graduate-only level course for undergraduate credit. Undergraduates admitted to graduate courses are expected to complete the same requirements as graduate students.  Both the academic adviser and instructor of the graduate course must provide written approval to the Registrar's Office.  Undergraduate tuition applies. Please direct additional questions to Associate Registrar Alexis Yusov​ (860) 297-2119.

Registering for a Thesis/project or Independent Study

Theses, final projects and independent studies cannot currently be registered for online; please visit the Registrar's Office for relevant forms.  Theses/project guidelines are available from the director of each individual program.​  Please visit our Faculty Page for contact information.

  • ​​Completing a thesis/project requires registering for 954 Thesis Part I (1 credit).  English students must also simultaneously register for ENGL 952 Colloquium (0 credit, no extra charge).  Those writing a 2-credit thesis should subsequently enroll in  955 Thesis Part II.
  • Final theses/projects are due to the thesis adviser by April 15 and to the Office of Graduate Studies by May 15.  All theses or final projects must earn a grade of B- or higher.
​Students who spend more than the specified 1-2 semesters on a project/thesis will be assessed a fee of $200 per semester.

Cross-Registering for Courses through the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education​

Graduate students at Trinity can take courses at member institutions of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE), just as graduate students from member institutions are welcome to enroll in Trinity courses.  All information is available here.  Cross-registering for an HCHE course requires approval of the academic adviser and written notification to the Office of Graduate Studies.  Registration and payment for Consortium courses is completed at the institution offering the course.

Transferring Credit

Up to two credits (or courses) can be transferred from other accredited graduate programs.  You should obtain approval in advance for transferring credit both from the academic advisor and the dean overseeing Graduate Studies.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must notify the Office of Graduate Studies in writing.  Students who withdraw from a course after the second class meeting and the last day of classes will receive a grade of W on their transcript.  For fees associated with withdrawing from a course, see here.

Failure to attend class or merely notifying the instructor does not constitute official withdrawal from a course and will result in a grade of F.

Academic Standing

Any student, whether degree or non-degree, who  who receives two grades lower than B- or one grade of F in graduate courses will be withdrawn from Graduate Studies.  No more than one grade lower than B- will be credited toward a master's degree.  

Satisfactory academic progress in graduate studies is defined as follows:
    • ​Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.667;
    • Complete a minimum of 3 credits per calendar year;
    • Attempt a maximum of 15 credits total; and
    • Successfully complete 80% of credits attempted

Intent to Graduate

In preparing to complete your degree, you must submit the Degree Application form​ to the Registrar no later than November 1 before the May in which you intend to graduate.

Auditing a Course

Those interested in taking a course without receiving academic credit may audit the course.  The fee for auditing each course is $925, in addition to the registration fee of $50.  Auditing a course is subject to space avaialability and the permission of the instructor.  No grades are given, and an audited course cannot later count toward a degree program.  Alumni interested in auditing a course should contact Julie Cloutier​ (860- 297-2403) in Alumni Relations.​