Retired Faculty

​Trinity College Organization of Retired Faculty

The organization functions under the aegis of the Dean of the Faculty.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the organization is to maintain connections among one another and to continue participation in the life of the College. Events may include social occasions for members, speakers from the college community and such other activities as members desire. Members may wish to maintain faculty profiles (contact Sylvia DeMore for assistance).  Members are welcome to use the Retiree Lounge located in the basement of Mather. (Contact Sylvia DeMore in the dean’s office for the access code to the lounge.)

Membership: Retired Faculty and Staff are eligible for membership. When faculty retire, or begin phased retirement, they will be added to the organization’s list of members and receive email notices of activities and events. Anyone wishing to remove their name from the list should notify Sylvia DeMore

Finances: The organization is meant to be self-sufficient through voluntary donations of its members. There is no charge for events or meals and no annual dues.

Advisory Committee: An advisory committee will assist in planning the annual program. Members should get in touch with committee members with suggestions for programming and any other matters of concern.