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​Advanced planning is one of the most important aspects of writing a successful grant proposal. Faculty is encouraged to begin investigating potential sources of funding approximately one year before the planned research period. Please be cognizant that CFGR needs at least 10 business days in advance of the deadline to review all proposals before submission.

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The Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations Office is responsible for all grant-seeking and funding opportunities undertaken by members of the Trinity College community. Please notify the director of faculty grants about any planned grant proposals or fellowship applications as soon as possible. The office is available to help with all aspects of your proposal.

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Trinity College currently subscribes to SPIN an online database of available grants. ( For instructions on establishing an individual account click here.) SPIN is domain-enabled so that any member of the Trinity College community may use it. The databases are regularly updated and provide daily or weekly updates on new funding opportunities.

The Faculty Grants Office is happy to train faculty in the use of SPIN. The director welcomes  comments from faculty members about this service and suggestions for additional resources CFGR should consider.

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Fellowships for research differ from grants because most are paid directly to the applicant, not to the institution, and often provide only personal expenses such as stipend, travel, and some research expenses. Some fellowship awards—for example, NEH Fellowships—require that the recipient devote full time to research during the award’s tenure. The department chair and dean of the faculty must approve any faculty member’s absence or reduction of teaching and administrative duties at the time of the application. Approvals are collected via the internal transmittal form. Whenever possible, faculty members should adhere to the College’s schedule for notice of intended leave, that is, by September 10 of the academic year preceding the leave. Please inform the director of faculty grants of all fellowship applications and outcomes, so that she can assist in facilitating matching salary funds where available, publicity and post-award reporting.

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Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations Office

Contact information:

Kristin Magendantz
Director of Faculty Grants and Sponsored Research
(860) 297-5347

Carol Darr
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations and IRB Administrator
(860) 297-2339

Daniella Arthurs
Assistant Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations
(860) 297-4214

Mark Hughes
Assistant Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Governement Relations
(860) 297-2162