Recruitment Guidelines and Forms

Recruitment Guidelines

Conducting Interviews via Teleconferencing

PeopleAdmin (for Trinity users)

EPC Calendar and Checklist (tenure-track positions)

EPC Guidelines for Requesting Long-Term Renewable Contract Positions

Search Forms for Tenure-Track and Long-Term, Renewable Contract Positions:  
(it may be necessary to enter your Trinity credentials to open these documents)

     Pre-Search Form (Form 1) (before the search begins)
                Appendix A to Pre-Search Form (estimating the budget)
                Sample Ads
     First-Round Search Form (Form 2) (developing a short list)
                Appendix A to First-Round Search Form (collecting data)
     Finalist Search Form (Form 3) (selecting candidates for campus visits)
     Hiring Search Form (Form 4) (
recommendation for hiring)

Reimbursement Instructions and Expense Forms: (it may be necessary to enter your Trinity credentials)

     Reimbursement Procedures for Campus Visits
     General Reimbursement Procedures
     Online Conference Travel Request Form
     Travel Expense Report Page 1
     Travel Expense Report Page 2