Department Chairpersons and Program Directors 2018-2019

Department Chairpersons

Anthropology Dr. Shafqat Hussain
email ​860-297-2358
Biology Dr. Lisa-Anne Foster
email ​860-297-2349
Chemistry Dr. Timothy Curran
email 860-297-5276
Classical Studies Dr. Meredith Safran
email ​860-297-4042
Computer Science Dr. Takunari Miyazaki
email ​860-297-4041
Economics Dr. Miguel Ramirez
email 860-297-2487
Engineering Dr. Harry Blaise
email ​860-297-2225
English ​​Dr. Chloe Wheatley email ​860-297-2465
Fine Arts Mr. Joseph Byrne
​email ​860-297-2208
History ​​Dr. Jeffrey Bayliss
email 860-297-4018
Language and Culture Studies Dr. Johannes Evelein
email ​860-297-2490
Dr. Priscilla Meléndez, Assoc. Chair, fall
email ​860-297-4176
Dr. Thomas Harrington, Assoc. Chair, spring email ​860-297-2380
Mathematics Dr. David Mauro ​email ​860-297-2292
Music Dr. Dan Román email ​860-297-5193
Philosophy Dr. Todd Ryan
email ​860-297-5157
Physical Education Mr. Drew Galbraith email ​860-297-2057
Physics Dr. David Branning email ​860-297-4048
Political Science Dr. Stefanie Chambers
email ​860-297-5293
Psychology Dr. Dina Anselmi, fall
email ​860-297-2236
Dr. David Reuman, Acting Chair, spring
email ​860-297-2341
Religious Studies
Dr. Ronald Kiener email ​860-297-2425
​​Sociology Dr. Johnny Williams
Theater and Dance ​​Mr. Michael Preston
email 860-297-2204

Major Academic Program Directors 

American Studies ​Dr. Scott Gac email ​860-297-2347
Art History Dr. Michael FitzGerald email ​860-297-2503
Educational Studies Dr. Jack Dougherty
email 860-297-2296
​​Environmental Science ​Dr. Christoph Geiss
email 860-297-4191
Film Studies Dr. Prakash Younger email 860-297-4003
Human Rights Dr. Seth Markle email 860-297-4290
International Studies Dr. Seth Markle
​email ​860-297-4290
Jewish Studies Dr. Ronald Kiener
email ​860-297-2425
Neuroscience Dr. Sarah Raskin
email 860-297-2342
Public Policy and Law ​Dr. Adrienne Fulco email 860-297-2435
Studio Arts Mr. Joseph Byrne
email ​860-297-2208
Urban Studies ​Dr. Garth Myers ​email ​860-297-4273
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Dr. Robert Corber, spring
email ​860-297-5340
Dr. Zayde Antrim, Acting Director, fall
email ​860-297-2230