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2018-2019 Mellon Inclusive Teaching Grants

Five groups of faculty collaborators have been awarded a Mellon Foundation Inclusive Teaching Grant for 2018-2019.  The topics of the groups are:

“Introductory Biology Review and Revision” Collaborators: Susan Bush, Hebbe Guardiola-Diaz, Kent Dunlap, Claire Fournier, and Mike O’Donnell (Biology)

“Investigating Gender and Racial Imbalance Among Political Science Majors” Collaborators:  Stefanie Chambers, Abbie Williamson, Kevin McMahon (Political Science)

“A Study of Women in Economics at Trinity” Collaborators:  Carol Clark, Rasha Ahmed, Diane Zannoni

“Who and What to Include:  Studies in Pedagogy of the Literature Survey” Collaborators:  Kate Bergren, Sheila Fisher, Chris Hager, Dan Mrozowski, Diana Paulin, David Rosen, Chloe Wheatley, Hillary Wyss (English and American Studies)

“Fostering Inclusion in the Language classroom” Collaborators:  Meredith Safran, Johannes Evelein, Dario del Puppo, Sara Kippur, Karim Mabrouk, Giuliana Palma, Vince Tomasso, Lauren Caldwell, Martina di Florio Gula, Aidali Apontes-Aviles, and Jason Doerre.

We look forward to speaking with Departments, Programs, and any interdisciplinary collaboration groups, about encouraging the next round of grant applications for 2019-2020.  If you want to know more about the Mellon Inclusive Teaching Program, please contact any members of the Advisory Committee:

Dina Anselmi

Stefanie Chambers

Sean Cocco

Lisa Foster

Michelle Kovarik

Luis Martinez

Maurice Wade

Johnny Williams​