Interdisciplinary Science Center

The Interdisciplinary Science Center (ISC) is administered by the Science Advisory Board which consists of the science, math and engineering departments and program chairs, and the Dean of the Faculty. This group represents the ideals and aspirations of the scientific community at Trinity College and endeavors to perpetuate the highest standards of scientific research and academic scholarship. The ISC actively promotes the sciences on campus and throughout the greater Hartford community and beyond through a broad ranging collection of projects, programs and services as outlined at left.

Science For the Greater Good Speaker Series

The Science Center, along with partners in Advancement and Career Development, began and sponsors the Science for the Greater Good lecture series. Featuring prominent Trinity science alumni, the series aims to bring alums back to campus to talk about their work and to mentor students. How is science used for the greater good? How does science contribute to society? How are Trinity alums active in this process? These lectures aim to answer these questions.