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Blume Language + Culture Center

Language faculty and students at Trinity College have at their disposal a vast array of technology resources to create engaging learning experiences in the classroom and through online environments. In the case of the Blume Language and Culture Learning Center, it provides a 20-seat dual-platform (Macintosh and Windows) computer laboratory that can be scheduled for instructional purposes on a regular basis or for specific sessions as needed.

The Blume Center works closely with the Language and Culture Studies faculty at Trinity College to promote innovative approaches towards the teaching and learning of language and culture. The Blume Center's driving goal is to contribute to a greater understanding of instructional technology and learning theories in order to foster their integration into educational practices and language instruction at all levels.

Through informal discussions and professional collaborations, the Blume Center provides information about and facilitates access to various instructional resources to the language faculty and the larger Trinity community. As an example of such collaborations, the Blume Center partners with Academic Computing to support teaching and learning on campus by co-sponsoring workshops, via the Student Technology Assistant program, and collaborating on technology-based projects. 

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