Electron Microscopy Courses & Lab Modules

​Courses in Electron Microscopy

Half-semester courses offered under the aegis of the Biology Department enable students to learn how to prepare specimens for electron microscopy, operate the microscopes, and interpret the resultant images. They include:

  • BIOL210
    Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • BIOL220
    Transmission Electron Microscopy

Courses that incorporate Electron Microscopy

Courses throughout the sciences may incorporate electron microscopy in the form of lab modules or workshops. Some are listed here:

  • CHEM155
    Archeological Chemistry
  • BIOL140
    Biological Systems
  • ISP118
    Interdisciplinary Science Research Apprenticeship
  • BIOL473
    Sensory Biology
  • FYSM-170

    Phage Hunt