The Community Action Gateway Experience

If you ask questions such as “How can we challenge social inequalities?” or “What can people like me do to make a difference?”, then you’re a good match for the Community Action Gateway.

The Community Action Gateway offers first-year Trinity College students the opportunity to engage with the City of Hartford through community-based research and social change projects. By participating in the Gateway, students will:

  • Engage in experiential learning about social change with a small team of fifteen students, plus two faculty and mentors;
  • Meet change agents across the city: community activists, neighborhood organizers, government leaders, non-profit directors, journalists, and social entrepreneurs;
  • Receive specialized training in writing, public speaking, video editing, and digital storytelling;
  • Gain hands-on research experience in partnership with Hartford community members, a valuable skill for majors in the social sciences, arts, humanities, or sciences;
  • Design and execute community-based social impact projects related to: education; housing; economic development; language, culture, and identity; and social inequality;
  • Become part of a dedicated community of faculty, students, and community partners committed to social change in and beyond Hartford.

Read more about the Community Action Gateway on the Community Learning website.

Contact Professor Megan Hartline, Community Action Gateway Coordinator