Lifelong Engagement with the Liberal Arts

​At Trinity, we believe in the transformative power of lifelong engagement with the liberal arts.

Experiencing the value of a liberal arts education doesn’t have to be limited to the four​-year college experience, the regular academic calend​ar, or the traditional classroom​​​.  In today’s world, the capacity and agility to learn continuously and apply ​​knowledge in new ways is essential.  Lifelong learning is at the core of professional accomplishment, personal satisfaction, economic innovation and social sustainability.

Consistent​ with our mission as a liberal arts college in a city, we combine a passion for lifelong learning with the best of a liberal arts experience:  highly engaged form​s of learning, connections to a vibrant community of learners and alumni, and personalized support so that each student c​an achieve her potential and be inspired to make a difference. 

This commitment extends to local partnerships, including  the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, a pre-college experience for Hartford students, and Trinfo.Cafe​, a community space forging local connections through information literacy and technology

Our flexible suite of academic  offerings, showcasing lifelong engagement with the liberal arts, is open to  motivated learners of all ages:



Opportunities for exceptional high school students to learn alongside  college students, exploring their passions. ​Available during Summer Sessions, including a four-week institute for international students in American Writing and Academic Culture.


Select program for non-traditionally aged adult students to pursue a liberal arts education and earn their undergraduate degree.


Trinity stands out among liberal arts colleges in offering  five-year B.A./M.A. degrees and distinct M.A. programs, providing graduate education for over a century.


​Online courses taught by outstanding Trinity College faculty and open to a global audience, including our​ own alumni network.​


Short-term, non-credit courses and programs, promoting intellectual engagement and a passion for learning in community.​


Immersive learning experiences offered in Hartfor​d and internationally, including Trinity Summer Institutes and popular course offerings.


Intensive, half-credit courses for undergraduates, taking place over a two-week period, in Hartford and abroad.​


Coming in 2018-19!

Designed to promote the real-world success of professionals and advanced undergraduates, leveraging Trinity's strengths to meet twenty-first century needs.