Minor Requirements

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The minor in women, gender, and sexuality consists of six courses completed with a C- or better: two required core courses in women, gender, and sexuality; three electives in women, gender, and sexuality; and a senior seminar.

Course Requirements:

  • The core courses (recommended in sequence):
    • WMGS 201. Gender and Sexuality in a Transnational World.
    • WMGS 359. Feminist Political Theory, or WMGS 369. Queer Studies: Issues and Controversies, or WMGS 379. Feminist and Queer Theory for a Post-Colonial World.
  • The electives—Students planning a minor in women, gender, and sexuality will, in consultation with the program director, select three electives chosen from a list of cross-listed women, gender, and sexuality courses. As a rule, this selection will be made in the sophomore year. One elective course must be taken in both the arts and humanities and the social sciences and natural sciences.
  • WMGS 401. Senior Seminar, or a departmental senior seminar cross-listed with women, gender, and sexuality.