Urban Studies


As the main curricular wing of the Center for Urban and Global Studies, the mission of the Urban Studies program is to help students build an interdisciplinary understanding of how urban dynamics shape both global interdependence and local spaces through a rigorous four-year program of classroom learning, field research, study away, and other forms of urban engagement in Hartford and beyond. The Urban Studies program provides academic strengthening of Trinity’s strong links with Hartford as a distinctive asset, and it is a critical supporting mechanism for the College’s urban-global mission and urban-global curricular emphasis.

The Urban Studies Major provides a broadly interdisciplinary understanding of how urban dynamics shape both global  interdependence and local spaces.  It emphasizes how cities are increasingly critical to the organization of economic, social, and cultural activities that shape and transform human experience. The major provides opportunities for community learning in Hartford, approved selective courses at the University of  Connecticut or the University of  Hartford, study away in international cities, as well as internships in a variety of urban settings. ​

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