"One of the reasons I chose to study religion (at Trinity) was that it seemed to be the discipline that would allow me the greatest breadth and depth of intellectual pursuit. Absolutely nothing is alien to the study of religion; law, science, the family, politics, mass movements, art, dance, medicine, human sexuality, baseball. If you do study religion you will study the human in all its most intimate and challenging moments."-- Robert Orsi '75, Ph.D., Yale University, religion professor

Life after Trinity

Zen gardenA degree in Religion from Trinity is excellent preparation for graduate work in one of the many sub-disciplines in the field of religious study. Trinity students have gone on to advanced degrees at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, the University of Virginia, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago.

At the same time, the academic and intellectual preparation achieved at Trinity opens doors to a range of professional schools, from divinity to social work, law and medical schools. It has also opened the way to challenging and rewarding careers, from business management, public policy positions, and government analysis, to the media, human rights work, and arts administration. The degree in Religion brings the student to an understanding of the human condition and the intellectual flexibility of a first-rate education relevant to many sectors of the society. Faced with the ethical challenges that they encounter daily, many organizations in both the public and private sectors have shown an appreciation for the unique perspective and understanding the Religion major can bring to the table. No matter what the initial goal or ultimate result, the Religion major leaves Trinity with limitless opportunities for success.  Here are some examples of our graduates.

  • Dr. Howard J. Alfred, ’70, nephrology, U. Mass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA
  • Charles B. Atwater, Jr., ’68, Analyst, Soviet Amphibious Operations, U.S. Defense Department
  • The Rev. Michael Battle, ’73, U. S. Representative to the African Union
  • David Chang, ’99, Prize-winning Chef, Momofuku, New York
  • Victoria R. Clawson, ’89, Country Director, Save the Children, Nepal
  • Prof. Stephen L. Cook, ’84, Professor of Old Testament, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria
  • Barclay Hansen, ’84, President, AquaHealth, Boston
  • Prof. Susannah Heschel, ’73, Prize-winning Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College
  • Katryna Nields, ’91, lead singer, and composer with her sister Nerissa, of the folk group The Nields, Northampton, MA
  • Prof. Sharon Suh, ’91, Professor of Asian Studies, Seattle University
  • Dr. Julie Wheeler, ’06, Veterinarian, La Porte, IN
  • Dr. George F. Will ’62, Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, Washington, D.C.
Offering at the Ganges
"The study of religion at Trinity allows you to engage in the process of exploring numerous metaphysical and ethical questions in the context of different cultures and times. The ability to analyze and understand the meanings of these questions, to explore the root of a society, the root of a culture, gives one an important perspective on human experience." -- Carolyn A. Pelzel, '74, Senior Vice President for Advancement, Dartmouth College