Priscilla Kehoe Prize

The Priscilla Kehoe Neuroscience Prize, established in 2003 by the Neuroscience Program, is awarded to students with a distinguished academic record in neuroscience and at the College, who have completed a senior thesis, and who have contributed substantially to neuroscience in Trinity’s program or the community, as determined by the faculty.

Amro M.S. Arqoub '18
Meaghan K. Race '18

Jasmin Williams '17

Julia Duggan  '16

Alexis Benedetto ‘15

Jessica A. Fortin  ’14 
Lisa Saa ’14

Joshua H. Altschuler  ’13 
Jackie L. Gottshall ’13 
Marta K. Zamroziewicz  ’13

Brian C. Castelluccio  ’12 
Jessica L. Cote ’12 
Ginger N. Mills  ’12 

Julia Svedova ’11

Deniz Vatansever  ’10

Kristen A. McNamara ’09

Kara R. Douglas  '08
Carolyn E. Edwards '08

Margaret A. Moult  '07

Julia F. Martha  '06

Daniel A. Cuzzone '05

Kristina M. DePeau  '04