Trinity College's Music Department is a place to create, perform, practice, and intensely study music. A place where the serious exploration of music is matched by a commitment to high artistic standards, and a dedication to develop the unique talents of each individual student.

A Rich and Diverse Curriculum

As a group, Trinity's music faculty offer students a curriculum designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of music in all its diversity. Course offerings range from performance to academic classes, from ancient music to contemporary styles from all over the world.

Students choosing the Major in Music will complete courses in music theory and history, world music, an advanced course at the 400 level, musical performance classes, and three elective courses. These electives may be selected from a wide variety of choices, such as:

•    Composition

•    Investigating Music and Culture

•    Before Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

•    Topics in World Music: Latin American and Caribbean Music

•    Introduction to Recording Arts

•    Toca Brasil! (Play Brazil!)

•    Jazz: 1900 to the Present

•    Mozart and 18th-Century Music

•    Electronic, MIDI, and Computer Music

•    Music as Protest

•    The Psychology of Music

•    The Beatles and ‘60s Rock ‘n’ Roll

•    The Business of Music

•    Advanced Recording Arts

The Minor in Music covers some of the same requirements, and allows the student to access the same breadth of scope and diversity, while the Major clearly offers much more in-depth insight into the understanding of music.

The Minor in Music Production allows students to devote themselves primarily to areas of music recording, music business, and electronic music, with an emphasis on the technical demands of today's music industry.

All of our students can access any of our courses, regardless of their chosen degree path, allowing a student majoring or minoring in music to take any of the specialized music production courses as electives, and students minoring in Music Production to take any of our other offerings in the same way.

Numerous courses offered by the Music Department reach out across disciplines, connecting to other departments and programs. Courses like “Blues Women to Nicki Minaj” and “Topics in World Music” create links to fields as diverse as American studies, women's studies, and anthropology.