Courses in English Translation

No foreign language knowledge required

These courses are open to all students, and are especially recommended to those majoring in World Literature and Culture Studies.

LACS 224  Introduction to Arab and Middle Eastern Cinema
LACS 225  Contemporary Arabic Novels 
LACS 226  Writing the Body in Arabic Literature
LACS 325 Americans in Paris/Parisians in America
LACS 320 French Cinema     
LACS 254  Franz Kafka
LACS 255  Exile from Nazi Germany      
LACS 256  Berlin, Vienna, Prague 
LACS 257  New German Cinema 
LACS 258  Burnt Books:  Literature and Nazi Germany
LACS 265  German History through Literature and Film
LACS 266  Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
LACS 264  Literature and the Law in the German Tradition
LACS 267  The Modern German Novel  
LACS 290  Italian Cinema
LACS 272  Mafia 
LACS 274  Foods in Italian History, Society, and Art
LACS 335 Dante:  The Divine Comedy 
LACS 276  Enlightenment and Romanticism in Italy 
LACS 278 Italy and America
LACS 236 Modern Italy
LACS 282 Dostoevsky
LACS 284  Fantasy and Realism in Russian Literature 
LACS 285  Love, Sex, and War in Tolstoy
LACS 286  Soul, Flesh, and the Russian Mystique
LACS 287  Russian and Soviet Theater
LACS 288 Who Am I and Where Am I Going

LACS 240  Latin American Literature and Film in Translation
LACS 241  Prisms of Modernity:  Inquiry, Discovery, Possession
LACS 242  Self, Society, and Writing in Contemporary Latin American ‘Autoficcion’
LACS 244 Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean in Translation
LACS 246 Latino Literature in the United States
LACS 248 The Alchemy of Identity:  Culture-Planning and Civil Society in Barcelona, 1850-2000. 
INTS 236  Japanese Crime Fiction 
INTS 237  Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature 
LACS 219 Israeli Film and Visual Media
LACS 220 Modern Israeli Literature and Jewish Heritage