Language and Culture Studies

Learning a foreign language opens doors to other cultures. In addition to the personal challenge of mastering a new language, multiple-language proficiency allows students to pursue rewarding careers in international affairs, law, business, foreign service, education, and a host of other exciting fields. Trinity's language and culture studies programs are rooted in a thorough knowledge of the language itself, as utilized by contemporary speakers and writers.

The Department of Language and Culture Studies offers students a wide variety of opportunities for communication and intellectual stimulation beyond the typical classroom setting. The one-on-one relationships that develop between student and professor, between student and student, and between student and other speakers of foreign languages are benchmarks of the program and an enduring source of personal and professional satisfaction. Student clubs feature practical exposure to foreign languages in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Trinity has majors in seven principal modern languages - Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish - as well as studies in Arabic and Hebrew. Our distinguished faculty provides instruction at all levels, from elementary classes to advanced courses in literature and other cultural aspects of the chosen language. The curriculum in language and culture studies is not limited to courses in foreign languages, but also includes a rich array of classes, taught in English, focusing on topics such as the civilization and literary traditions of foreign cultures. Students who major in other disciplines, but wish to develop their linguistic skills and knowledge of foreign cultures, may choose to minor in a foreign language through a language concentration.

Alumni Profiles

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Kai Paine '11

Home chef, San Francisco
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Tim Yates '94

Managing Director, Commonfund Capital
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