Major Requirements

Majors are required to complete, with grades of C- or better, 12 course credits in the Jewish Studies Program. Majors are strongly encouraged to pursue foreign study, normally through either the Hebrew University in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv University.

The award of honors in Jewish studies will be based on excellence in the senior independent project or thesis and a grade point average of A- or better in the courses for the major.

Requirements for the major

  • Core courses (four courses)

  • RELG 109. The Jewish Tradition

  • RELG 211. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

  • HIST 336. Modern Jewish History

  • HIST 384. Christians and Jews in Medieval Europe or HIST 119. Diaspora: Jewish History Before Modernity

  • Language (four courses)---All participants in Jewish studies must satisfactorily arrive at the intermediate level of Hebrew language acquisition (Biblical or modern), or pass an examination demonstrating that level of competence. Language study beyond the intermediate level can be counted as elective work.

  • Electives (four courses)---Participants in the major may choose from any of the elective courses listed below. Students may petition the director to have elective study outside of this approved list counted. A one-credit internship may be counted as an elective.

  • Senior thesis---In their senior year, majors will complete JWST 497, a one-semester, one-credit senior thesis research tutorial under the primary supervision of a participating faculty member of the Jewish Studies Program. This thesis should be initially planned in consultation with the director. In exceptional circumstances, the director can be petitioned to allow a year-long, two-credit thesis. The course meets the Writing Intensive Part II requirement.