Asuka Naito ’97

JOB TITLE: Senior Media Coordinator
ORGANIZATION: Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.
LOCATION: Marina del Rey, California           

What was your first position after college? My first position after college was in Tokyo, Japan, with Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., from 1997 to 1999. I was selected to work in the promotion and marketing division for PlayStation, where we handled all commercials and media outlets from TV to radio to magazines. We also built marketing plans for our in-house SCE game software where key events were planned and launched to engage fans and consumers before the product rolled out in the market.

Has a liberal arts education helped you in shaping your career? I believe so, and this has only become more apparent over time. At Trinity, I was able to identify my interests and proactively follow through by signing up for related courses. In terms of a liberal arts education, I loved diving into my vast passions, ranging from African dance to French music history, all falling outside my major. This satisfied my wide range of curiosity by giving me the freedom to explore, engage, and continuously challenge myself. As illustrated by the many tangents of careers I’ve had over the years, these experiences shaped me into a highly capable individual, which continues to benefit me in my adult years.   

What aspects of your Trinity experience have been important to advancing your career or graduate school experience? The fact that I came from a very prestigious American institution allowed me access to relationships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise as a foreign national. Belonging to a credible, historic institution helped instill in me confidence and provided instructions on how to carry myself in various upscale social settings worldwide. Something as simple as the president’s cocktail hours were incredible training grounds for my networking skills. In all, being a Trinity graduate has helped fuse my European upbringing and Japanese nationality, to maximize who I am, and has opened numerous doors in advancing my career.   

What advice would you give to Trinity students to prepare for a position in your field? Anyone who is interested in working globally (or for a global organization) should experience as much as possible and interact with people from diverse backgrounds when the opportunity arises. I highly encourage students to take advantage of Trinity’s study-away programs. Intermingling with locals and students from other universities while physically embracing the opportunity to be in a new place will no doubt open your eyes, minds, and hearts. Seek and cherish these beautiful opportunities, and dive in without fear! You will be thanking yourself in the near future for expanding your horizons!