Minor Requirements

The history minor is composed of six courses:

  • HIST 299, What is History?
  • At least one seminar at the 300-level
  • Four electives, of which only two may be at the 100-level

Students must also demonstrate competence in the historian's craft by satisfactorily completing a major research paper based on both primary and secondary sources.  This is normally completed in the 300-level seminar, but may also be completed by taking HIST-300 History Workshop as one of the four electives.  Each student minoring in History will be assigned a Minor Advisor, who will assist the student in choosing an appropriate course of study. 

Students wishing to minor in History normally must declare their intention by the second semester of their junior year.  Normally all courses must be taken at Trinity.  Only courses in which the student has received a grade of at least C- can count toward the minor in History. 

The Coordinator of the History Minor is the Chair of the History Department.