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in association with IFSA-Butler
The Trinity-in-Buenos Aires program, in association with IFSA-Butler, provides students of all Spanish language abilities, an opportunity to study and live in this vibrant Latin American city.  Whether you have just begun Spanish, need to fulfill your language requirement or are a more advanced speaker, this program has a great deal to offer.

Studying in Buenos Aires

The program offers a diversity of strong academic, cultural, and co-curricular opportunities, as well as a strong cultural immersion experience.
There are two program options in Buenos Aires – one for students with advanced Spanish language skills and another for students with intermediate Spanish skills.  Students who have 5 semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent will study on the Advanced Program. Students who have 2–3 semesters or the equivalent will study on the Intermediate Program.
As part of the program, every Trinity student will be enrolled in the Trinity Core course, Buenos Aires: The Urban experience, Human Rights and Cultural Production, and do an internship or service learning project for credit that will be administered and taught by a Trinity College on-site faculty member. Students will be placed in NGOs, or other institutions where they will work closely with the Argentine people and explore an academic topic of interest related to their placement. Possible topics include human rights, education, government and democracy, radio production, corporate social responsibility, and the arts.
Students will receive their remaining credits enrolling in courses at one or more of the program’s four host universities.
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Trinity-In-Barcelona International Program Site

The Trinity-in-Barcelona program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or full year of study in the dynamic city of Barcelona, Spain.  From the time of Picasso and Gaudi, Barcelona has stood at the cutting edge of modern art and architecture. The city also serves as a model for urban and economic innovation and renewal.  Barcelona’s long history and its vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere provide students with a rich environment for study and exploration.  The program offers strong academic options for students interested in Hispanic Studies and other areas in the humanities and social sciences. Students experience both the Spanish and Catalan cultures in this bilingual and multicultural ​​​city.
For more information go to Trinity in Barcelona