Alumni Profile - Bryan Mucke ’12

JOB TITLE: Junior business analyst
ORGANIZATION: Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
LOCATION: Old Lyme, Connecticut

What was your first position after college? My first position after college was actually as a ski-racing coach for young kids at a local ski mountain. Soon after though, I joined an insurance company in the Hartford area assisting underwriters. I ended up there through a search firm that matched me with the company.           

Has a liberal arts education helped you in shaping your career? A liberal arts education has taught me to constantly evaluate my current work from different perspectives. Many people will only strive to carry out the essential responsibilities of a job, fall into a routine, and may not be open to different ways of thinking. Through my education, I have realized that I am happiest when learning about new things, seeking new challenges, and connecting with different kinds of people. By diversifying my knowledge and skill set, I have been able to take advantage of new opportunities and prove myself to be a valuable asset to the company.           

What advice would you give to Trinity students to prepare for a position in your field? At Trinity, I pursued a double major in Hispanic studies and international studies and was involved with student-run athletic organizations and clubs throughout the entire academic year. The experiences I had on teams and making decisions to advance my groups’ missions directly correlate to my success in the working world. Learning leadership and how to work effectively with others was essential. Furthermore, my Hispanic studies major required a thesis in Spanish to graduate. This was no easy task. Many times I am faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges at work and think back to how I was able to develop a thesis, present it, and even publish it on the Trinity website. The know-how to accomplish that task and the confidence it has given me helps me every day. 

What advice would you give to Trinity students to prepare for a position in your field? Go out of your way to seek new experiences that challenge and even scare you. In college you are able to choose how your time is spent, who you spend it with, and what extracurricular activities you pursue. Although you pick your position within a company or organization, the best employees are those who adapt to and overcome adversity. You will have to do many things that you will not particularly want to do, so it is important to have fresh experiences in college to learn from and think back on. Lastly, READ!