German Table

The German "Stammtisch" meets at the following days and times in Mather dining hall:
Wed 9/26 12pm-1pm
Thur 10/4 12pm-1pm
Wed 10/10 12pm-1pm
Thur 10/18 12pm-1pm
Wed 10/24 12pm-1pm
Thur 11/1 12pm-1pm
Wed 11/7 12pm-1pm
Thur 11/15 12pm-1pm
Thur 11/29 12pm-1pm
Wed 12/5 12pm-1pm
Feel free to join us, even if you're just beginning to speak German.  As the German saying goes: "Übung macht den Meister" (Practice makes perfect)!
Contact for more information.