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William Jakob Brennan ‘10

While I currently work in as a paralegal at the law firm Davis Polk LLC in New York, my career started at Trinity in the German department. I diligently studied the language for three years with talented professors who returned with support in my efforts to obtain a Fulbright Teaching Award to Germany. I was one of the few in 2010 to receive the Award and consequently lived and worked in Bremen for two incredible years. I improved my German while obtaining a greater understanding of the world and this position assisted me in working in my next job as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa. These combined experiences stem from my studies in German and give me a breath of insight that I would not have otherwise had.

Learning German is a skill and a unique ability that has separates you from the crowd and opens up doors to an amazing society and a network of incredible people. Everywhere in the world you go, you will probably meet a someone from Germany and make that instant connection. German requires patience and hard work which cross over to working in any career or country for that matter. The education in German and the liberal arts generally gives one a wide understanding of knowledge and material that provides a sound basis for any career choice you make.