Previous Postdocs

Sarah Gray

Sarah is an environmental Chemist with a PhD in environmental and analytical chemistry from the University of Montana, who studied ocean acidification before coming to Trinity. As a postdoc she investigated carbon cycling in local freshwaters and assessed the susceptibility of carbon dynamics to climate change. Sarah took a position as an assistant Professor of Chemistry at Armstrong State University, and is now at Stockton University in New Jersey. Sarah taught Introduction to Environmental Science, The Earth's Climate and Environmental Chemistry.

Cameron Douglas

Cameron has a MS in Weed Science from Cornell University and a PhD in Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management from Colorado State University. At Trinity he conducted research on invasive species management at a coastal site in Southeastern Connecticut. He now works as a research scientist at the EPA. Cameron taught Methods in Environmental Science, Introduction to Environmental Science and a course on Biological Invasions.

Krista Ehlert

​Krista holds a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Science from Montana State University where she studied the efficacy of biological  methods to control cheatgrass in crop and grasslands. As a postdoc she investigated the link between Lyme disease incidence in CT and the spread of Japanese Barberry. She now moved on to become an assistant professor  / state specialist at South Dakota State University. Krista taught  Introduction to Environmental Science, Ecology, and Biological Invasions.