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ENVS Students

What Our Students Have to Say About the Major


Steve Sobolweski '10

 One day my first-year seminar took a trip to the Field Station in rural Ashford, CT to tag birds. Catching, tagging, and releasing these birds was such a fun activity that I knew that I would always have an exciting job with an environmental science degree. Looking back at a couple years of environmental science classes, I love the way the major brings together all fields of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. I really feel like I have a truly universal understanding of the world around me. I also love the travel opportunities that come with the major – I’ve been to Utah, Oregon, Iceland, Taiwan (twice), and San Francisco on environmental science field studies. Finally, I love the way the professors team up with the students to do one-on-one research. I feel like I am well ahead of the game as I apply for jobs after I graduate next year.

Emily Quinton '11

 I came to Trinity very interested in ENVS and it took little time to realize that it was definitely what I wanted to major in. Small class sizes, very approachable professors, and fun classes with field trips are reasons why I both chose and like ENVS. I appreciate the opportunity to become involved in meaningful projects and research in our small major. I am currently studying conservation management at EcoQuest in NZ and will spend the next semester in Budapest, Hungary. After Trinity am considering environmental consulting or getting an energy auditor certification.

Saam Aiken '13

High school was where I developed an interest for environmental science. Not only did my AP teacher show me how important of a topic it is, my whole school was very active in understanding the idea of conserving energy and sustainable development. ENVS interests me because it holds many answers as to how our worlds natural system operates. I have always been devoted to taking care of what bellows to me, and I believe that if human beings are the most dominant species on the planet, then it is our direct responsibility to insure that its health and natural balance stays in tact. So far, Trinity’s ENVS course has helped me expand my view on how I look at the world's geological structure. Specifically, I have developed a habit of looking of rocks more carefully in identifying their structures and guessing their names.

Conor Garvie '11

I picked ENVS because I was very interested and curious about natural science, geology, and current environmental issues.After one class with Profs Geiss and Prof. Gourley I was hooked! I like that I have a personal relationship with the Professors and the material is very hands on.
Currently I am in ENVS 275 doing research on mercury in the Trout Brook. After Trinity I consider travelling for a while (Europe or South America) to participate in an environmental study.

Kelsey Semrod '12

I chose the Environmental Science major because I wanted a program with emphasis on both natural/physical science as well as economics and public policy. ENVS gives you a strong background in both areas. After declaring my major, I realized how close everyone is in the department! Every week, there's McCookout: hosted by your devoted Envi-Sci majors and professors, an annual Summer Environmental Science trip: to places like Iceland, Oregon, and Nevada, and many other fun get-togethers. This summer I tested water quality in the Park River Watershed that runs through Hartford, and currently, I am analyzing the acidity of rain water. I am unsure what I will be doing after college, but graduate school is definitely a possibility.

Giuliani Lopez '11

I was always interested in both, geology and ecology, and majoring in ENVS allows me to do both. I started taking the introductory ENVS course (ENVS 149), liked it, and couldn't stay away. I enjoy the close-knit relationship amongst the students in the major. Right now I am taking four upper level classes in the major and am participating in faculty research with Prof. Geiss. After Trinity I am looking for a hands-on job with conservation or policy undertones.




Rachael Lynch '11

 I chose environmental science because it studies the interactions of humans and their environment and that as the stress we apply on the environment continues to increase environmental science may be able to help us mitigate, or at least understand the changes that will occur. In short: I think that it is very relevant to our future. I got into ENVS after taking a few classes, talking with other majors, and meeting the professors. I like that it is very interdisciplinary nature and that the teachers and fellow majors form a fun-loving supportive community.
I am currently abroad at the School for Field Studies on Turks and Caicos. The primary focus of the program is marine environmental issues. I love it. There is lots of hands on experience that includes scuba diving and snorkeling in clear blue waters almost everyday. While currently undecided, I am considering med-school, or graduate school of some kind .

Lis Cianciola '10

Came to Trinity as a member of the Interdisciplinary Science Program (ISP) and started out taking classes in subjects that sounded interesting. She chose to major in ENVS because she likes fieldwork, analyzing data, discovering relationships, teamwork, and working on problems that cross disciplinary boundaries. As part of her classwork in ENVS Lis has designed a rain garden on campus and is currently studying a new species of red-green algae from Bermuda with Prof. Schneider (Biology).