Open Detailsweather data
Close Detailswe collect weather data every 15 sec.
Open Detailsseismic data
Close Detailsour seismograph is in McCook Hall
Open Detailssoil temperature
Close Detailsa look down into our temperature well

Environmental Data


Earthquake data

Our program maintains a small seismograph in the hallway of McCook hall. The instrument is part of the IRIS network. Its recordings can be observed on a computer display in front of McCook 121 or at this website.

The seismograph is maintained by Dr. Jon Gourley and our student seismologist, Renee Swetz ('13)



Soil temperatures

Our soil temperature well is located at an ultra secret location near the football field, in the center of campus.

It's most recent data can be accessed from here


Weather data

Our weather station is located on top of Clement Hall and records a variety of weather parameters every 15 seconds. Its data can be accessed here.