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Courtney Hugo ('08)

Graduate Student Environmental Policy

I am at the University of Delaware and working towards a master’s in Energy and Environmental Policy. I’m taking a solid mix of graduate-level policy, economics, and engineering courses. It’s cool to be able to learn about the environment from different angles. My research experience at Trinity with Professor Geiss helped me to get an assistantship at Delaware researching air pollution from poultry houses. I miss the bratwursts and waders, but field work and research are still the best parts of being in school. I’m as good at wrangling turkeys as I was at getting myself out of the mud.

Mike Ottariano '07

EPA Compliance Specialist

After graduation, I took a job as a Field Technician for a small environmental consulting and engineering firm in Massachusetts. As a Field Technician, I was responsible for developing sampling plans, and then also carrying out those plans by taking soil, water, and air samples to assist in remedial activities at hazardous waste sites. The sampling methods used on the job were very similar to the ones used during labs at Trinity College. I then got an opportunity to work for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. Currently, I am working as an EPA Contract Specialist awarding contracts to firms cleaning up Superfund sites around the U.S. I can review a contractor’s work plan which describes how they are going to clean up the site and give them feedback because of the knowledge I gained from the environmental science program.

Megan Connolly '04

Environmental Resource Specialist

During my last two summers while attending Trinity, I interned at the Environmental Resources Department at Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. in Rosemont, IL.  As an intern (read: grunt), I learned to do just about anything the department required from creating GIS exhibits to wetland delineating to mowing/herbiciding invasive species.  During the second semester of my senior year, the company offered me a full-time position and I haven’t looked back since. As an Environmental Resources Specialist I am responsible for a range of tasks mostly relating to the Clean Water Act.  I complete wetland assessments and flora/fauna surveys using cutting edge GPS/GIS technology, submit and acquire local and federal applications and permits for wetland/waters of the U.S. impacts, coordinate with state and federal agencies to achieve project compliance with their threatened and endangered species programs, complete local and national audits of construction sites/paperwork for compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, perform basic restoration tasks within wetland mitigation areas, complete Phase I/II environmental studies for large municipal expansion projects and continue to seek out and develop new clients and projects that challenge me to think outside of the box.  

The knowledge I gained from the environmental science program at Trinity allowed me to become a multi-disciplined consultant. Particularly in a time where regulations are getting stricter and client overturn is high due to the recession, I feel prepared, thanks to the professors in the Environmental Science program at Trinity who have provided me with the core knowledge and skills to develop creative strategies that both protect the environment and our clients.

Craig-Curtis "Square" Schneider '05

High school science teacher

After obtaining my Bachelors Degree, I went to graduate school to pursue an Environmental Science Masters Degree at the University of New Haven. Just as I had done at Trinity, I worked on original research dealing with ocean level rise that causes salt marsh erosion and its affects on the mudflat benthic community structure. I now teach high school biology/environmental science, chemistry, and physics. Having been an Environmental Science major at Trinity, I was able to take a wide variety of science courses that prepared me to teach such a diverse curriculum.

Jeff Abrams '05

Marine Fisheries Observer
After my final semester, which was abroad in the Australian rainforest, I went to Florida to complete a six month internship at Archbold Biological Station.  The internship was provided to me by Trinity Professor Joan Morrison and was primarily a diet study of the Crested Caracara, a threatened raptor in the falcon family.  When I completed the internship I took a position with the National Marine Fisheries Service collecting biological data aboard commercial fishing vessels.  The bulk of my post Trinity employment has been as a fisheries observer, but there also a brief period when I worked for a company doing assessment and remediation of petroleum impacted groundwater surrounding gas stations.  The education I received from the Environmental Science Department prepared me well to succeed in all of these endeavors.  As a side note to any current or prospective students who may be reading this: take advantage of the Environmental Science field trips that the department offers.  I was fortunate to go on two of them and can attest that they are wonderful learning opportunities and a lot of fun.

Paul Baumgartner '06

Medical Device Representative

My studies in the interdisciplinary Environmental Science Program at Trinity exposed me to a wide range of challenging coursework and thoughtful professors that prepared and inspired me to continue my education. Through my undergraduate studies I became interested in the effects of our environment on human health. After spending a semester studying abroad in rural Kenya I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in public health. The day after my graduation from Trinity I began graduate coursework towards my Master’s in Public Health which I completed in 2008. I am currently working for a medical device company and in the process of applying to medical school with a goal of pursuing a career in global healthcare. Throughout my education and work experiences I am always amazed at how valuable my education through the Environmental Science Program has been. The professors in the Environmental Science Program truly give students the skills and motivation to change the world for the better.

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