Open DetailsWind tunnel
Close DetailsStudents demonstrate their Capstone Project using the subsonic wind tunnel.
Open DetailsElectrical Engineering Lab
Close DetailsProfessor Harry Blaise works with students in the Electrical Circuits lab.
Open DetailsArchitectural model
Close DetailsStudents create models in an architectural design class.


Engineering courses and laboratories are conducted in the Roy Nutt Mathematics, Engineering &  Computer Science Center (Nutt Center, or MECC), built in 1991. The Engineering department expanded and renovated its lab facilities in 2004. Lab facilities include a supersonic shock tube, subsonic wind tunnel, VLSI chip design workstations, biomedical animal surgery and recording facilities, material test lab, atomic-force, SEM and TEM microscopes, digital signal and image processing equipment, and well-equipped machine and wood shops for student use. Computing facilities include PC and UNIX workstations with wireless and Ethernet networking in all campus buildings, including dormitories. Lab facilities are available 24 hours per day via identification card access. Facilities are supported by a full-time technician. Classrooms offer computer projection equipment, internet connections, and complete audio and video support. Student library research is served by the Raether Library and Information Technology Center.