Why Study Computing at Trinity?

Computer science reflects a broad-view of computing which focuses on understanding and solving computing problems in virtually all areas of our lives. Computing is everywhere. Today, it is impossible to imagine any areas of our lives which do not incorporate some form of computing.  Your favorite MP3 players and video games, emails, popular Internet search engines like Google, and a portable GPS in your car are the products of computing.  In addition, computing provides a fundamental framework for other related fields and applications including market analysis, digital arts, electronic voting, bioinformatics, medical imaging, weather forecasting, aircraft design, and entertainment to name a few.

Computer science is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing fields today. It is not surprising that the US Department of Labor has recently listed computer software engineers and computer systems analysts among the top occupations with the largest projected growth through this coming decade.  The Computer Science Department at Trinity is dedicated to providing an education based on the development of the fundamental logic and reasoning skills and computational problem-solving skills that will prepare you for a lifetime of learning.

Why choose computer science? 

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