Opportunities for Students

Data Manager/Programmer job opportunity, posted 4/26/16

The Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center is seeking a data manager/programmer to help maintain neuroimaging databases in support of multiple NIH funded projects. The Olin Center is a neuropsychiatric research center within Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living campus. We house a 3T MRI, multiple EEG, TMS, and eye tracking systems, an internal database of nearly 13,000 MRI sessions, and a 400-core compute cluster. The primary responsibilities of the data manager will be to maintain internal and public imaging databases by performing the following tasks: remove personally identifiable information, perform uploads to NIH repositories, identify missing data, organize identifiers, support remote sites with data importing/uploading, and ensure data redundancy and backups. Additionally, the data manager may contribute to the development of the Neuroinformatics Database (http://github.com/gbook/nidb) using SQL, PHP, Perl, C++ and other programming languages for the purpose of making data management more efficient and robust. The data manager also will have the opportunity to participate in research projects and contribute to manuscripts. Bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, neuroscience, or psychology is required, Masters or higher is preferred. Candidate is expected to have experience in SQL programming and at least one programming language. Proficiency in multiple programming languages is highly desirable. Contact Greg Book at gregory.book@hhchealth.org.

RecDesk Summer Internship Opportunity - posted 4/28/2015

My name is Mike and I'm the founder of a small, profitable software company called RecDesk (http://recdesk.com) with offices in East Hartford. We provide Recreation Management and Financial software to municipal Parks & Recreation departments and similarly focused non-profits.

I'm looking to hire a summer intern for the period June through mid-August to help out with some initiatives we have going on. This is a paid position and would be a great opportunity for a local CompSci or MIS/CIS student looking to gain some real-world experience and push themselves a bit.

Attached please find a job description that outlines both the work plus the type of person I'm looking for to fill this position. If you could forward this on to any and all motivated, enthusiastic students in your program I would appreciate it. Please call or email with any questions and thank you for your time and consideration.

Mike Morris
Cloud Based Recreation Management Software
Better by Design. Simple by Nature.
phone: (860) 467-4325
email: mike.morris@recdesk.com
web: http://recdesk.com

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Internships, posted 4/20/2015

As you might know, Trinity is trying to increase the level of collaboration with the United Technologies Corporation (UTC)—a Fortune

500 company (ranked #45) headquartered in Hartford.  The company is still offering many internship opportunities for the summer.  However, they will be making decisions soon, in the next three-to-four weeks.  If you are interested in internships at any of the UTC subsidiaries (such as Pratt & Whitney, UTC Aerospace, Sikorsky, Otis Elevator and Carrier), apply here:


After you apply, you should also send your resume to Severn Sandt, Assistant Director, Career Development Center, at severn.sandt@trincoll.edu, indicating which internships you have applied and the date of your application.  She will also forward your resume to make sure that you will get appropriate consideration.

With respect to international students, different internships have different requirements.  International students should select positions open to them and apply.

Republic Systems, Inc. Job Opportunity, posted 12/16/2014

Lead Developer Profile (December 2014) - republicsystems.com

Contact: Rob Hughes, Founder

Republic Systems is a startup company based in CT focused on building technology for federal and state government agencies using the leading open source and crowdsourcing platforms and processes. The initial team includes the founders of www.tallan.com and www.topcoder.com. The advisory board includes professors from Harvard University and London School of Economics and a high-ranking NASA official.  The company has secured angel funding and will pursue venture capital in order to fuel rapid growth. Candidate should be willing to relocate to Boston or NYC.

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Work with founders and early customers to understand the business processes, workflow and user interface characteristics of target systems.
  2. Contribute design and process ideas for the platform. Participate in the understanding and protection of intellectual property of the platform.
  3. Execute the build of the platform:
  • Present a game plan for the build of the platform including technologies to be used, timeline and budget.
  • Create development, test and production environments of the platform independently or in coordination with a hosting platform (i.e. Amazon, Rackspace).
  • RS expects minimal custom coding and minimal use of outside resources for the build and maintenance of the platform. We expect maximum use of open source technologies, community-based services and substantial work by the candidate to provide integration of technologies and user experience.
  • Monitor and report on health and scale of the system.
  • Project usage and functional growth of the system and plan necessary scale and security controls.
  • Participate in the acquisition of necessary business systems such as accounting, CRM, HR – to the extent these systems are required, but secondary to the platform.
  • Candidate attributes:

    1. Education (full or partial) at recognized leading technology school or university system or lab equivalent.
    2. Prior experience in a start up(s) business that experienced high growth and/or experience in open source development project(s) or development communities including topcoder, sourceforge, and github.
    3. Strong desire to be hands on contributor to a high growth business that has technology as a significant value component.


    Cisco Systems Internship and Job Opportunities, posted 12/9/2014

    Brad Mannel ’98 of Cisco Systems in Boston recently contacted Tritiy about a summer intern program (juniors eligible) and a full-time entry level position (seniors eligible) for which the company is specifically seeking students from NESCAC schools.  It seems that an executive at Cisco has a son that just started at Bowdoin and his eyes have been opened to the value of employees who have been educated in liberal arts schools.   Between that and our alum’s involvement, our students have an excellent chance at being considered for spots for these opportunities.  Full  job descriptions for each can be found in the following documents: Cisco Field Sales Engineering Summer Intern and Cisco Global Service Systems Engineer - Entry Level position.  Below are summaries and links to our CareerLink site where students can apply. 

    The purpose of this program is to expose students to Cisco’s technology and customers while providing hands-on training and group project experience.   Upon completion of the internship, opportunities exist to become Cisco’s next generation of sales leaders through an accelerated early in career development path.

    Qualifications:  Pursuing a BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Information Technology, MIS, Mathematics, Physics, or other equivalent degrees in technical disciplines are required and an emphasis on Software Design practices preferred.

    You can jam code but crave broad impact on transformational projects vs. being locked in a scrum bunker. If your passion is innovation but you enjoy partnering with people on profoundly interdisciplinary teams explore Internet scale Cisco opportunities such as:

    • Transformation of Sports, Media & Entertainment and the Future of Television

    • Hyper-Scale Cloud Data Center, Edge Computing & Distributed FOG Platforms

    • Intercloud (Internet of Clouds), Distributed Systems/Information & Services

    • Virtualization/Orchestration Platforms for Mobility, Networks & Managed Services

    • Internet of Everything, Smart & Connected Cities, and IoX Cloud Platforms

    • Data Science, Machine Learning, Network Analytics, Audience Analytics

    Qualifications:  Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher or equivalent in your academic program, BS & MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering & Data Science. We also welcome candidates in interdisciplinary programs such as Computer Science & Business • Emphasis on Software Design practices preferred

    FYI, for both positions – “Candidates must already have a work authorization that would permit them to work for Cisco -- i.e., U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, permanent residents, temporary residents (that is, individuals who have gone through the legalization program) refugees and asylees.”
    Severn Sandt
    Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships & Outreach
    Career Development Center


    Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, Institute of Living, Hartford Hospital internship, posted 11/11/2014


    The Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center at Hartford Hospital is offering a volunteer internship working on the Neuroinformatics Database (NiDB) project. NiDB organizes and analyzes data collected on the Center’s two MRI scanners, EEG systems, and other neuroimaging equipment. The Center produces and analyzes approximately 35GB of imaging data per day, automatically stored and analyzed using NiDB and the only research compute cluster at Hartford Hospital. We are expanding NiDB to store new types of data and to accommodate the system’s growth. You will have an opportunity to contribute to the development of a large scale database system, using Perl, MySQL, PHP, and HTML. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to publications related to NiDB. If you are interested in a volunteer internship, contact Greg at gregory.book@hhchealth.org.