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Gary Reger

My research revolves around several different centers. Since I was in graduate school I have worked on the economic history of the Hellenistic world (that is, the period roughly from the death of Alexander the Great to the Battle of Actium, 323-31 BCE); the primary source material for my work is mainly inscriptions written in Greek. A recent publication of an inscription is linked above. This example happens to come from Mylasa in Karia (today southwestern Turkey), a region in which I have a long-standing interest. My epigraphic work has also taken me to an excavation at ancient Choma in northern Lykia (in south-central Turkey), where I am responsibile for publishing the inscriptions they find. Finally, I also have a broad interest in deserts, and have done some work on the history of the desert Southwest of the United States.

A New Inventory from Mylasa in Karia