Faculty Research

When you walk into a Classics classroom at Trinity College, you encounter faculty who enjoy the esteem of colleagues all over the world for the quality and importance of their research. In the pages here devoted to individual faculty members you can explore more fully the exciting work they each do. But you may also be wondering, "Why should I care that my professors have active ongoing research projects?" In a nutshell, the research the faculty does brings broad and deep benefits to the education of our students in ways that cannot be duplicated elsewhere than in the residential liberal arts setting.

First – students are taught by the person who literally “wrote the book” on the subject. Your professors bring into the classroom their expertise in their fields, and you get the benefit of that direct contact with cutting-edge scholarship. That's because our faculty are equally committed to teaching and research. At Trinity both matter, and that makes all the difference.

Second – we seek to train students in critical thinking and writing; that we aim to graduate young people who can make a compelling argument using solid evidence and careful logic. These are precisely the skills we faculty hone in our own research projects. Who can teach these skills better than people like that? Moreover, the fact that we research means we believe in the value of these skills – we do not just teach them, we practice them.

Third – the reputation of the Classics Department in the greater academic world rests to a large degree on the reputation of its faculty. Trinity’s place in the pecking order of the academic world rests largely on the dissemination of the research the faculty do. And at Trinity faculty teach all the courses, even the introductory ones. Every student in the College benefits from the research her professors do.

Fourth – our commitment to research attracts the best and brightest of professors to the Classics Department. Research brings to Trinity a dynamic, vibrant younger faculty – the future of the College.

So click on to the research pages and see what we've been up to! It's another great reason to choose Trinity for Classics.