The Chemistry Department offers chemistry and biochemistry degrees, which are interdisciplinary in nature and deal with the composition, properties, and interactions of substances. They employ techniques from mathematics and physics and have applications in all of the sciences and engineering. The chemistry degree is typically viewed as having five major areas: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical. The chemistry major at Trinity is structured to provide a balanced presentation of these areas. The biochemistry degree is also structured to focus on learning in these areas but also emphasizes the biological sciences and biological chemistry.

A major in chemistry or biochemistry can lead to a variety of careers besides research. These include the health professions, teaching, law, business, and management. A major in one of these fields is also an excellent preparation for a number of interdisciplinary areas including pharmacology, material science, nutrition and food chemistry, neuroscience, toxicology, forensic science, and art conservation. 

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Chemistry Alumni Profiles

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Adam Hill '08

Assistant professor of chemistry, St. Lawrence University
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Katharine Spencer '08

Chemistry teacher, Boston College High School
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David Patrick '11

Medical student, Uniformed Services University

Biochemsitry Alumni Profiles

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Nicholas Callahan '06

Chief resident, oral and maxillofacial surgery, Kings County Hospital Center
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Katherine Nichols '09

Internal medicine resident physician, Rush University Medical Center
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Kaitlin McCarthy '10

Development and research associate scientist II, BioHelix Corporation