Financial Aid for Veterans

Veterans Financial Aid 

We are proud of our veterans, and IDP is committed to making the financial aid application process as seamless as possible for you. Both Linda Gilbert, our Veteran’s Certifying Agent, and Cary LeGeyt, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid, work closely with veterans or their eligible dependents throughout the financial aid application process.

You may be eligible to receive funding under the Yellow Ribbon Program or the Montgomery GI Bill to cover tuition, fees and living expenses. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Trinity participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program for qualified post 9/11 military veterans. If you do not meet the criteria for the Yellow Ribbon Program, you may be eligible to receive VA educational funding under the Montgomery GI Bill.

Applying for Financial Aid

For veterans, or their eligible dependents, the financial aid process involves three steps:​​

Please direct any questions related to financial aid for Trinity IDP applicants and all financial aid material to:

Carolyn LeGeyt
Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Jan Neuberger ’13

English major with a concentration in creative writing
IDPA President
I don’t think there possibly could have been a better immersion than the IDP Transitional Seminar. The course was designed with great efficiency and economy to ensure that those of us just re-starting our educations (in my case, after 36 years!) would have an awareness of all the intellectual, practical, and technical skills Trinity would call for as we went forward in our program. Knowing there is a community of people at Trinity with whom I have in common years of adult experience and all the complications and rewards that go with them is a gigantic plus. Returning to school as a 56-year-old would have seemed much more daunting without the support system that the IDP program provides.